New to Motorized Window Treatments?

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Ordering Motorized Window Treatments


Why Should You Offer Motorized Window Treatments?

Profit Potential
• The average home has 17 windows, which means you have 17 opportunities to sell a motorized window treatment.
• Someone will make money when the customer buys window treatments, why shouldn’t that someone be you?
• Worthington Distribution makes it easy to specify and sell window treatments, there’s no need to be a shading expert.

Leave a Calling Card
• The motion of a motorized treatment reminds your customer of the automation in their home.
• Try installing one or two motorized treatments as a “trial” for your customer. You’ll find that many times your customers will fall in love with the motorized treatments and will call you back to automate the rest of their windows.


Why Should Your Customer Purchase Motorized Treatments?


Ease of Use
• Motorize hard-to-reach treatments behind tubs, sinks, or in tall stairwells.
• Provide control at the press of a button.
• Operate treatments with automation systems.

Offer Complete Lighting Control Solutions
• Your customer can control artifical light with dimmers, allow them to control natural light with motorized treatments.
• Incorporate window treatments into lighting scenes.
• Add window treatment control to a home theater to reduce glare on the screen or even black out the window for a true “at the movies” experience.

Motorized Treatments Save Money
• Windows take up about 10% of the exterior of a home, but account for up to 50% of the home’s heating and cooling loss. Even thin fabrics increase the insulation value of windows.
• Treatments can be scheduled to open and close throughout the day to take advantage of natural light and heat.

• Create instant privacy at the touch of a button or close treatments in an unoccupied home to keep out prying eyes.