Standard Motor Controllers from ESI


The best possible motor controls for standard, limit switch motors are from ESI. ESI components provide complete control of virtually any motorized product from nearly any type of input device. The integrated intelligence of each product is the core of their control network.

ESI motor controls provide simple and scalable integration into automation systems. They can be operated via a host of input methods: contact closures, IR signals, RS-232 and RS-422 serial commands, as well as from their own line of sensors and input devices. ESI also produces a line of motor controls that are part of the popular Z-Wave™ platform.

RQ Motor Controllers

ESI’s RQ series of motor controllers allow you flexible control through contact closure, IR, RF, RS-232/422, and even IP through iRule. Motor control isn’t limited to just window treatments, either. ESI’s RQ60A series are rated to handle up to 9.8A to give you control of motorized projection screens, television lifts, skylights, awnings, and even motorized pool covers.

Better yet, for installations which require the control of multiple motors, ESI will mount, pre-wire, pre-program, and label the interface boards within an enclosure based on your specifications. Because of the materials and processes used these enclosures are UL listed for window treatment control, making them a perfect solution for commercial installations.


ESI Mobile Solutions


ESI Builder App
The ESI Builder app is available as a free download for your smartphone or tablet which allows you to configure your RQ motor control network. It is available for iOS and Android devices. Perfect for both residential and commercial motorized window treatment projects, this app enables basic and advanced programming for RQ motor controllers, RQ intelligent motors and the RQ Scene/Group switch.

• Auto-discover all RQ devices on the RQ Bus
• Name and readdress RQ devices
• Identify and calibrate motors
• Set and adjust RQ intelligent motor limits
• Configure scenes for mood and time of day
• Program advanced switch control
Note: Requires the ESI Builder Hardware Kit (model ESIRQAPPHWEKIT)


ESiRule Control Solution
ESI has partnered with iRule to provide you with flexible control of window treatments through ESI’s RQ motor control protocol. Using iRule’s free app, any iOS or Android device can be made to control RQ with a customizable interface*. In addition to ESI Q-motors and RQ motor controllers, iRule can also control theaters, automation controllers, and lighting through various modules.

• RQ’s bi-directional communications provide feedback, so you always know the status of the motor controllers in iRule
• Easy customization: Use ESI’s templates or create your own
• The necessary hardware is small and unobtrusive

*Requires an iRule Site License and Automation Module. Pricing varies. Please contact Worthington Distribution for details.

More questions on iRule? Check out our free training, An Introduction to iRule.

ESI RF Motor Control

The ESI RF transceiver-based technology is a game changer for intelligent motor controls and is found only in ESI products. Established on the 802.15.4 network protocol, ESI RF has created an communication platform unparalleled by any of its competitors in this market space. By building on mesh network technology, ESI has played a major role in creating the most enhanced user experience in the intelligent control of window shading devices to date.

The primary components of the ESI RF product line are the RF-embedded M40 & M50 RF Motors, and can be added to an RQ network with the addition of the ESI RF RQ Transceiver. Using mesh network transceiver technology, each motor is capable of bi-directional communication with feedback. With unparalleled range and the ability of the motors to “pass along” commands, the ESI RF network becomes more robust as you add motors. This mesh networking platform eliminates the shortcomings of traditional RF technology and complies with FCC regulations.

Complementing the RF Motors is the SUITE Remote. With its modern yet simple design, the SUITE Remote offers reliable wireless control of all ESI RF-enabled motors. Through the mesh network-enabled 2-way communication, SUITE Remote is capable of providing full setup for the installation, status reports and visual feedback. Signal repeatability ensures strong radio transmissions resulting in reliable operation of all motors in the network.

Adding ESI RF motor control to an automation controller has been made simple with the introduction of the ESI RF Bridge. The RF Bridge allows any controller capable of communicating RS-232 to control and monitor ESI RF motors using ESI's simple and flexible RQ command protocol. The ESI RF Bridge features a small form factor, a multi-state LED to show communication status, and it functions as a repeater within an ESI RF network. The ESI RF Bridge communicates to up to 255 individual ESI RF devices (RF motors, SUITE remote, and the RF Switch Interface) and also to RQ devices (RQ motors/RQ motor controls) that use the ESI RF RQ Transceiver interface.

Plug and Play Z-Wave Motor Controllers

ESI’s Z-Wave motor controllers are packaged in a “Plug & Play” box and provide you with complete control of standard limit switch AC or DC motors. Z-Wave radio allows for bi-directional RF communications with other Z-Wave products. Once the controller learns the limits of the motor, you can remotely set it to any level of openness between 0 and 100 percent.

By utilizing the Z-Wave standard, ESI’s Z-Wave motor controllers are guaranteed interoperability between systems and devices from other Z-Wave enabled products. ESI’s ABMHZ or DBMZ learn into your Z-Wave network as dimmers, which gives you tremendous flexibility with controlling your window treatments.