Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the lead time for motorized window treatments?
A: All treatments are built-to-order and have a 3-4 week lead time.
Q: Do Somfy-powered solutions require certification?
A: No, there is no certification required to install treatments powered by Somfy.
Q: What is the maximum size for roller shades?
A: The maximum size for roller shades depends on the type of motor you are using. Battery and DC motors have a maximum size of 96" x 96" while AC motors have a maximum size of 144" x 132".
Q: What is the maximum size for honeycomb shades?
A: Cellular shades can be ordered in dimensions up to 96" x 96".
Q: What is the maximum size for drapery tracks?
A: Motorized drapery tracks are available in lengths up to 36', however, the Glydea 60 has a maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds of fabric, while the Glydea 35 has a maximum weight capacity of 77 pounds.
Q: Are there translators available for Z-Wave, ZigBee, or UPB to Somfy RTS?
A: There is a Z-Wave to RTS converter, which will give you one-way control of up to 16 RTS channels through Z-Wave. There are no RTS translators available for ZigBee or UPB.
Q: How much are the roller shade demonstration kits? How do I order them?
A: The Black Sample Case Kit is $249 and the Wooden Frame Kit is $299. Please call us or send an email to for ordering details.
Q: Are roller shade fabric samples available?
A: Yes. We recommend using Mermet fabrics. Mermet fabric samples can be ordered at no charge from their website, and our fabricator stocks the most popular Mermet fabrics. Fabric samples for Alkenz and Phifer fabrics are available upon request at $10 per swatch.

Q: Are honeycomb shade fabric samples available?
A: Yes. A honeycomb shade fabric binder is available for purchase through Worthington Distribution. A purchase of this fabric binder is required to order cellular shades.


Q: What is the cost for roller shades/honeycomb shades/drapery tracks?
A: Pricing for shades varies greatly by the size, fabric, and motor selected and drapery track pricing is dependent on the size, control option, and carrier type. We prefer to avoid publishing dealer pricing where end users would have access to it. Please email or call (800) 282-8864 for pricing.