Drapery Tracks Powered by Somfy


Draperies provide an elegant look to any decor and are great for blocking drafts which come in around windows or doorways. Motorized drapery tracks are a great solution for large windows, doorways, or even in front of the display in a home theater to provide an “at-the-movies” experience at home.

Worthington Distribution offers motorized drapery tracks powered by Somfy Glydea motors. We provide you with the track, brackets, carriers and motor. Your end customer or their architect or interior designer supplies the fabric.

We’ve made some major changes to our drapery track ordering process to make it as simple as possible. There has never been a better time to offer motorized drapery tracks through Worthington Distribution.

Drapery Track Order Form

We are excited to have a new request-for-quote document for our Somfy-powered drapery tracks. The document is designed to provide our dealers with on-the-spot pricing for the most popular drapery track options. It also contain pages to walk you through the options for treatments, including: proper measuring procedures, bracket options, motor control options, carrier types, and bent or curved track options.

To download the most recent version of the Drapery Track Order Form, click here or on the image to the left.


Measuring for Drapery Tracks

Proper measuring technique is important when ordering motorized drapery tracks. Keep the following points in mind when measuring for motorized drapery tracks:
• Use a metal tape measure, a cloth tape may stretch
• Measure every opening, some windows may appear identical and often are not
• Round down to the nearest 1/8 inch
• Tracks can be ordered as right draw, left draw, or split (center) draw
• Glydea motors can be switched between the left a right side in seconds
Left Draw
Split Draw
Right Draw
  In addition, when determining the overall length of a track based on the desired opening, you will need to account for “stack back.” Stack back is the width of the material when the drapery is open. The Drapery Track Order Form provides a chart to help you determine the estimated stack back in the Measurement Help section.  
Specifying Carrier Types
  The carrier type is determined by the supplier of the fabric. The following is a quick overview to show the difference between pinch pleat and Ripplefold.  
  • The most common drapery type
• The fabric has a pleated look along the top which is created by pinched gatherings of the fabric along the top of the drapery
• Pinch pleating makes a drapery heavier which is ideal for privacy and room darkening
• Soft, ripple-like folds flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other
• Suitable for either commercial or residential installations
• Folds are always perfectly positioned and spaced
• Ripplefold is typically specified in percentages: 80%, 100%, or 120%
Selecting a Control Type
  Motorized roller shades offer a wide range of control options, use the chart below to help determine which solution works best for your application.  
Control Type
Sample Controls
RTS - Radio Technology Somfy (RF) • Somfy’s most popular control solution
• Provides one-way, wireless control
• “My” feature to move drapery to a preset position
• The same RTS controllers can be used to control roller shades, drapes or blinds
• Requires an RTS receiver, which ships with the motor
• Hand-held Somfy remote controls
• On-wall Somfy controllers
• Somfy Sunis and Chronis controllers
• Home automation controllers (using the URTSII)
• Z-Wave controllers (using the ZRTSI)
SDN - Somfy Digital Network (RS-485) • Hard-wired control
• SDN is a two-way communcation protocol, however, Glydea drapery control is one-way
• Requires an SDN driver, which ships with the motor
• In-wall Somfy controls
• Home automation controllers
IR - Infrared • Built-in to the Glydea motors
• Provides wireless open/close/stop control
• An IR receiver is required
• Somfy hand-held IR remote controls
• iRule (through Global Cache)
Contact Closure • Hard-wired control
• Built-in to the Glydea motors
• Use one N/O closure for open, a second for close, a third (optional) for stop
• In-wall Somfy switches
• Home automation controllers
• iRule (through Global Cache)
Z-Wave/ZigBee HA • Provides wireless open and close
• Either technology requires a communication card which ships with the motor
• Z-Wave or ZigBee HA controllers
• Home automation controllers