Lutron Honeycomb Shades


In addition to their clean appearance, honeycomb shades provide optimum privacy, sound absorption, and energy efficiency. Honeycomb shades are an attractive and versatile window treatment solution with a wide variety of colors as well as several levels of light control, from light filtering to blackout.

Sivoia QS Wireless insulating honeycomb shades represent an evolution in Lutron window treatment operation, as they are the first wire-free, battery-powered shading solution. Sivoia® QS Wireless insulating honeycomb shades offer incredible value, backed by the quality of the Lutron brand. With its honeycomb design and extensive fabric offering, this window covering provides a crisp clean look to enhance any décor.

Using Lutron’s ClearConnect™ Technology, these shades can be controlled as a stand-alone unit with a Pico controller, or they can easily be integrated into a Radio RA 2 system.

Shade Configuration Tool

Do you feel that keeping track of measurements, fabric styles, and mounting options is difficult? After becoming a certified shade installer, you gain access to Lutron’s Shade Configuration Tool, or SCT. This allows you to quote jobs based on protected list or MSRP pricing with all fabric types and measurements. Easily edit existing quotes for a simple way to show a customer what other options are available, right at your fingertips.

Certification to install honeycomb insulating shades is online and very simple.
Step 1: Register with Lutron
Step 2: Complete 2-hour online training
Step 3. Purchase a Honeycomb demonstration kit and binder.

For registration details please call 800-282-8864 or email

Honeycomb Shade Demonstration Kit
  The Lutron Honeycomb shade demonstration unit is truly one of the finest pieces of demonstration equipment in the industry. It is a fully operational honeycomb shade accompanied with a tabletop Pico controller. The shade is mounted within a stand-up tabletop window frame that easily collapses into a 8”x8”x36” black carrying case embroidered with the Lutron logo. Because the shade is battery-operated, it allows a simple demonstration anywhere, from your customer’s kitchen table to a trade show booth.  
Ideal for any Lutron shading demonstrations.
Kit Includes:
• Motorized treatment with batteries
• Pico remote control on tabletop stand
• Black carrying case
• Collapsible frame
Easy Installation
  Installing a honeycomb shade is very easy and requires just a drill and tape measure. First mark the bracket location and pre-drill. Then attach the shade brackets using the supplied hardware. Install the shade in the brackets by simply pressing it into the brackets.  
Measure and Pre-Drill
Attach Brackets
Hook the Front Edge
Press Shade and Click Into Place
Installation is so easy, Lutron honeycomb shades literally take minutes to install and program.