Motorized Awnings Powered by Somfy


SunStopper’s Silhouette awning line offers total customization to harmoniously blend with your customer’s décor. Select from Sunbrella’s wide color palette of 100% solution dyed, marine grade fabrics to express your customer’s design needs. Silhouette awnings can be mounted to a wall, under a soffit, or even on the roof.

Silhouette awnings are available up to 40 feet wide with five projection ranges up to 13 feet. The twin PVC coated arm cables and internal cold wound, high carbon arm springs exert almost 900 pounds of outward force in each arm to provide you with a superior looking awning that is designed to last.

Control Options

Sunstopper Silhouette awnings from Worthington Distribution include a 110VAC RTS motor with a manual override, a single-channel remote control, hand crank, and a 13 foot plug-in cord.
These motors are compatible with all Somfy RTS controllers for seamless integration with interior treatments.

Awning Accessories
Drop Shade
Mood Lighting
Infrared Heater
The SunStopper Drop Shade option allows you to extend a vertical shade from the front bar up to 39 inches, making it a practical solution for early morning or late afternoon sun exposure. Drop Shades are available in both solid acrylic fabric or in an open weave mesh. This easy-to-operate unit can be driven manually or with a motor, making it another touch of the button solution. The SunStopper Mood Lighting System is a UL listed, incandescent lighting system that is securely attached to the backside of an Eclipse Awning’s front bar. It provides your customer just enough light without overpowering them with brightness or attracting insects. The mood lights can be operated with either an in-line switch or they can be incorporated into a wireless remote control which operates the awning. Ideal for outdoor heating of any outdoor living area that may need more warmth for outdoor comfort. This safe, compact, effective and energy efficient heat source allows control of the amount of heat desired at the touch of a button. This 1500 watt heater is available in black or white and can mount either to the awning framework or on a wall. The 15’ long heater power cord plugs into an outdoor outlet and has a variable heat controller.