Retrofit Motors for Horizontal Tilting Blinds


Blinds create living environments that are comfortable, energy efficient and add an element of convenience and luxury to any interior space. Chances are, most homes you walk into will already have blinds installed. If you have a customer who balks at the prospect of replacing their horizontal tilting blinds with all new window treatments, adding a motor to the blinds they already own is a terrific solution.

Retrofit motors allow you to add natural lighting control without changing the customer’s décor. The motor replaces the existing drive system while remaining out-of-sight in the headrail and is compatible with any Somfy RTS transmitter for control. Add a solar-powered battery solution for a completely wire-free retrofit solution your customer will love.

Determining Compatibility

Somfy’s tilt motor is compatible with 2” horizontal tilting blinds. To ensure that the motor is compatible with your blinds, make sure that the headrail is between 1 1/2” to 2 1/4” tall and the blind weighs no more than 30 pounds. Lastly, check the main shaft in the headrail of the blind. If the shaft is 1/4” square, the motor is directly compatible with your blind. If not, Somfy offers several adapters to meet various sizes and styles of shafts.

Power/Control Options
Solar Pack
Reloadable Battery Wand
Plug-In Transformer
• Guaranteed to last up to 5 years
• Solar panel is hidden from view by the headrail
• No need to replace batteries
• Needs to be fully charged prior to installation
• 2-4 year battery life with typical use
• Requires (8) AA lithium batteries (not included)
• The tube’s end cap screws off, making battery replacement simple
• Maintenance-free solution
• Eliminates the need for battery tubes or solar panels
Somfy’s tilting blind motor works with any Somfy RTS controller. When paired with a battery wand or Solar Pack, it provides you with a completely wire free solution.