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Omni Transition FAQ Omni Transition FAQ
Q: Does Alula interface with Smarthings ADT wireless sensors?
A: Unknown but Z-Wave sensors can be used for Automation rules (not security).
Q: How is the panel powered?
A: The panel comes with a wired transformer and a battery for backup.
Q: How does a dealer benefit from alarm monitoring?
A: Alula is setup as an RMR solution where you would pay for access and monitoring and then resell those services to your customers.
Q: What are the monthly fees?
A: Dealers may contact Worthington Distribution at 800.282.8864 to request pricing information.
Q: Is there an end user software to allow customer to write their own rules?
A: ELKRP2 can be limited by user so that only certain options can be changed.
Q: Does the M1 support ZigBee?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Does the M1 integrate with URC?
A: Not at this time however this is being worked on.
Q: Does the M1 support Honeywell thermostats?
A: Honeywell Z-Wave thermostats are supported as well as the Lutron Radio RA2 thermostat which is made by Honeywell.
Q: Are Ecobee thermostats supported?
A: Not at this time.
Q: What thermostats does the M1 support?
A: The list of supported manufacturers products can be found here: https://www.elkproducts.com/m1-partner-manufacturers.
Q: Does the M1 integrate with GE Wireless?
A: Using the M1XRFEG receiver you can use 319.5 crystal sensors.
Q: What software is available for end users?
A: M1ToGo is available for Windows, ElkLink Mobile is available for iOS and Android, ekeypad M1 (and Pro) is available for iOS, and M1 Touch Pro is available for Android.
Q: Is DDNS (Port Forwarding) supported by the Apps?
A: Yes.
Q: Are multiple houses (panels) supported by the Apps?
A. Yes. M1 Touch Pro for Android and ekeypad Pro for iOS.
Q: How do you become an ELK dealer?
A: Contact Worthington Distribution at 800.282.8864 to start purchasing ELK products.
Q: How does billing work on the C1M1?
A: Billing is handled through Telguard.
Q: Are other brand cellular communicators supported?
A: Yes. Dialers from Alula (IP Data Tel), Uplink, and more are supported by using the telephone connection.
Q: Does the M1 support remote expansion?
A: Yes. Modules can be installed anywhere within the 4000 foot bus limit.
Q: What is the max number of inputs and outputs supported?
A: Up to 208 inputs (144 max wireless) and 205 outputs.
Q: Is Leviton Vizia RF Z-Wave supported?
A: The M1 supports Z-Wave devices such as lights, locks and thermostats via the Leviton VRC0P and the M1XSLZW expander.
Q: Does the M1 support X-10 and Lightolier Compose?
A: Yes. X-10 is supported using the PSC05 (TW523).
Q: Is Lutron Radio RA2 supported?
A: Yes. Lutron Radio RA2 is supported as well as RA2 Select and Caseta.
Q: Will the M1 support Leviton HLC lighting?
A: Yes. HLC is UPB based so it will work with the M1PCSPIM.
Q: Are there any supported video door stations?
A: Video support is handled via the indiviual apps (ekeypad PRO for iOS and M1 Touch Pro for Android).
Q: Are the KP2 keypads the same cutout as the Omni keypads?
A: No. The KP2 keypads are 4.75H x 3.75W and the Omni keypads are 4.75H x 4.75W.
Q: Is voice control available for the M1 system?
A: Not directly. The M1 must be integrated with a HomeSeer controller (and supported plug-in) to support both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Contact Worthington for more information.
Q: What audio systems does the M1 integrate with?
A: Russound, Nuno, and others. Please see the list of supported manufacturers at https://www.elkproducts.com/m1-partner-manufacturers.
Q: Does the M1 support the Leviton HiFi2 audio system?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Do voice announcements come over the keypad bus?
A: No. An additional speaker (and wire) is required for voice announcements.
Q: Can we re-use Omni access control components with an M1?
A: You can re-use the door strikes but that is all.
Q: Is there a wireless keypad available for retrofit applications?
A. No. You would need to use a smartphone or tablet.
Q: Does the M1 support 4-wire smoke detectors and heat detectors?

A: Yes. Any zone can be

Q: Does the M1 support 2-Wire smokes?
A: Yes. Up to nine(9) 2-wire smokes are supported on zone 16 only.
Q: How does the programming capacity compared to Omni?
A: Programming capacity is measured differently in the M1 (percentage based) versus the Omni (number of lines). The M1 is somewhere between the Omni IIe and Pro II in capacity.
Q: Does the rules engine support OR?
A: Not at this time.
Q: How are firmware updates handled?
A: Firmware is updated via RP2 programming software.
Q: Is there similar functionality to the User Settings in the Omni available?
A: Yes. There are 20 Custom Settings that can be used.
Q: What is the M1 equivalent of Flags in the Omni?
A: Unused outputs can be used for tracking states the same way you would use Flags in the Omni.
Q: Are temperature sensors available?
A: Yes. There are two versions available which will cover most applications.
Q: How quickly does automation occur after the trigger?
A: The M1 uses a fast micro-processor so rules execute almost immediately.
Q: Are ELK products available via retail channels?
A: Yes. ELK enforces MAP pricing and monitors popular sites to make sure dealers and integrators are able to make a profit on product.
Q: Does the M1 require the use of a monitoring company?
A: No. The M1 can dial out as well as send emails and texts (M1XEP required) with the need for a monitoring company.
Q: What is the range on the Fibaro sensors?
A: Typical indoor range with Z-Wave is approximately 30 feet for indoor use.
Q: Does Fibaro support Nest?
A: Nest thermostats and the video feed from the Nest Hello are supported at this time.
Q: Does Fibaro support wired sensors?
A: The Fibaro Implant will allow you to connect standard wired sensors to the system, however it is not shipping yet.
Q: Can you have multiple Swipes with different functions?
A: Yes, multiple Swipe controllers are supported with each being able to control different functions.
Q: Are Swipe controllers only compatible with Fibaro?
A: Other Z-Wave hub manufacturers may support the Swipe however you would have to contact them to verify support.
Q: How is the Swipe powered?
A: Swipe can be powered by USB or by 4x AA batteries.
Q: Does Fibaro integrate with Radio RA2?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Can Fibaro interface with the ELK M1?
A: There is not a plug-in available at this time.
Q: How is Fibaro tech support?
A: We have had good experiences with it. They are European based but with US hours. Worthington Distribution can answer most questions.
Q: Can you remote locate the Z-Wave external antenna?
A: The best way to extend Z-Wave range is by adding more devices or using multiple Home Center units.
Q: How many devices can the Fibaro system reliably handle?
A: The general rule with Z-Wave is 5-6K square feet and 150 devices. Multiple Home Center units can be used to create larger systems.
Q: Can you use multiple Home Center 2 controllers or only HC2 and Lite?
A: You must at least have 1 Home Center 2 controller in a multi-system scenario however the other controllers and be either HC2 or Lite?
Q: How does the Home Center 2 compare in price to the Omni?
A: A Home Center 2 is comparable in price to an Omni IIe.
Q: How is the battery life of Fibaro sensors?
A: Most sensors will last 2 years and have low-battery warnings.
Q: Can Fibaro sensors be hardwired for power to eliminate battery management?
A: Only the Swipe supports wired power.
Q: What cameras are compatible with Fibaro?
A: Fibaro supports a wide range of cameras. See https://compatibility.fibaro.com/ for a full list.
Q: Do Fibaro system support WiFi connection?
A: For reliability, Fibaro choose only to support wired Ethernet connections.
Q: Can security systems be tied into Fibaro?
A: Fibaro has a plug-in for DSC PowerSeries panels.
Q: Can Fibaro interface with Omni panels.
A: There is not a plug-in available at this time.
Q: Does Fibaro offer Automation similar to Omni?
A: Fibaro has a power rules engine that can handle multiple if-then statements.
Q: Do the discontinuations affect Lumina as well?
A: Lumina RF is still available. Luminia panels have been discontinued for some time now.
Q: What are alternatives to HLC?
A: PCS devices will work on an Omni system however they must be programmed with UpStart.
Q: Is the entire Omni line being discontinued?
A: At this time, only HLC, Omni wireless, the white OT7, the console flush kit, and serial connectivity cable are discontinued.
Q: Who should we contact regarding transitioning from Omni?
A: Any member of the Worthington staff can answer your questions or get you to one of the techs from the presentation.