Russound Sphere Keypads Are Now Color

We just received word from Russound that the KLK-E6 color keypads for the ACA-E5 are NOW SHIPPING! These updates to the KLK-E5 are gorgeous.  The display is full color and has and excellent off axis viewing angle.  In addition, the bezel is now metal and is available in either white (standard) or silver.  Best of all, the new KLK-E6 keypads are the same cost as the KLK-E5.

Worthington Distribution is a proud Sphere Distributor.  This exclusive Russound brand is available to registered Sphere Dealers.  Products feature the latest technological innovation from Russound in addition to a protected pricing policy.  The cornerstone of the Sphere program is the ACA-E5 12 source, 8 zone controller.  It is the top-of-the-line controller from Russound and it is compatible with HAI’s OmniPro II.  If you would like to become a Sphere Dealer, please give us a call 800-282-8864.

Kwikset Z-Wave Controlled Lock: Now Taking Pre-Orders

Effective immediately Worthington Distribution is taking pre-orders for the Kwikset Z-Wave controlled, motorized deadbolt.  This exciting new addition to the Z-Wave product offering has passed Z-Wave approval and is in production.  Worthington Distribution is expecting to start filling orders towards the middle of June.  Currently both HomeSeer and Micasaverde provide support for Z-Wave controlled locks with support from additional vendors coming soon.

The Kwikset deadbolt is motorized allowing the user to remotely lock and unlock a door.  Codes can be 4 or 6 digits providing a customer a high level of security.  In addition, the lock features Kwikset’s SmartKey technology which allows the lock to be re-keyed in seconds without removing the lock.

The battery powered, Z-Wave controlled deadbolt is available in 3 colors, polished brass (004), venetian bronze (005) and satin nickle (006).  Call now to be one of the first to install this exciting new product (800-282-8864).

New Vendor: VES Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Worthington is happy to announce our partnership with VES Fire Detection Systems. VES manufactures a complete line of commercial fire protection systems and devices that meet all necessary approvals for commercial use. Their Elite RS panel is cost effective for applications as small as a few devices up to 252 points per panel. When panels are networked, the system can scale up to over 32,000 points. Smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, horn/strobes, input, and output modules for sprinkler and elevator integration are all available. Give us a call for more details, and ask us to quote your next fire protection job with VES.

Follow the Worthington Distribution Blog With RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are an outstanding way to keep track of the daily postings on the Worthington Distribution Blog.  There are many popular RSS readers, many of which are built into e-mail software.  At Worthington we use Outlook.   The RSS feed show up just like e-mails.  You can quickly see the name of each posting.  If you want to read it, you just double click on the title just like you would with an e-mail.

Setup with Outlook is simple.   When you click on the “WordPress Entries (RSS)” at the bottom of the page, a dialog box will appear asking if you would like to add the RSS feed.  If you answer yes, The Worthington Distribution Blog will sync and begin to appear in you email.

Nevo Studio 3 Offers Visual Programming to Create 2-Way Widgets

The latest version of Nevo Studio 3 is amazing.  Instead of relying on the manufacturer to create a plug-in (widget), the dealer can now create them on their own.  The best part is that there is no coding required.  The entire system is visual.  If you understand programming flowcharts, you can create Nevo widgets.  Barry Hampe and Tom Morgan both took a crack at creating widgets.  Both spent around 2 hours with the Nevo Widget Guide available at  After learning the basics Tom created a 2-way driver for Leviton Vizi-RF+ 4-Button controllers that tracks LED status and Barry created a thermostat interface (shown) which allows him to control a Z-wave thermostat next to his traditional A/V controls.  Both were created quickly and easily.  Best of all, the widgets can be reused on future projects.  If you have not played with Nevo Studio 3.0 you will want to, it is quite amazing.

Russound Protoscript 3.01.00 Release

Russound recently posted the 3.01.00 release of their Protoscript for the Philips TSU9600 and TSU9800 remote controls (9400 is coming soon).  The latest revision continues to provide control for up to 48 audio zones and 12 sources in a Russound RNET system.  In addition the dealer can offer interfaces with 2-way feedback and control of Russound RNET sources including the iBridge Dock for iPods, SMS3 media Server, iBridge Bay for iTunes, satellite radio and AM/FM tuners.

This latest release enhances the end user experience by providing more support for non-RNET devices such as cable boxes, satellite receivers and Blue Ray players.  This allows dealers to switch video using the Russound VM1 Video Matrix and simplify the end-user experience through the customization afforded in a Pronto TSU9600.

many of our dealers have been experiencing a large number of customers that have wanted to have 6 or 8 flat screens switched with a VM1 and listen to the audio through the Russound distributed audio.  The real issue was how to provide simple control for the customer.  This latest release from Russound provides 2-way communication on a Pronto for the Russound gear and simplifies the experience for both the dealer and the homeowner.  In minutes the dealer can now create a high-end interface for their customer and never write a single line of code.   What used to take days and tens of thousands of dollars can now be done at and affordable cost in minutes.

Touch Screen Interface On HAI WL3

I received a call form Scott McCoy with Priority Cabling in York, PA. He has a customer that needed a large screen touch screen solution to cover the hole made by an old Unity Touch Screen. We brainstormed different interfaces and then he showed me that the Windows Media Center interface is included in WL3!

Here is how:

At the log-in screen use the drop down option and choose ‘Touch Screen Interface:

From the main screen you can get a summary, control lights, security, temperature and user buttons.  This is a great solution for a touchscreens.

Note:  There is not camera support in this interface at this time.  It does exist in the standard WL3 interface.

Worthington Training: Leviton ViziaRF+ and HAI

Today we had an excellent class in Mid-Town Manhattan.  Tom West from Leviton taught the Vizia RF+ lighting system which is based on Z-Wave technology.  The class highlighted the new 2-button and 4-button combination controllers as well as the 2-way communication featured in Vizia RF+.

Tom Morgan of Worthington Distribution showed the benefits of Z-Wave technology.  Products included Z-Wave controlled window treatments, car visor control, hand held remotes, with touch screen control and HAI integration.  The Z-Wave network was setup with both a Leviton hand held remote and  Think Essentials software.

Patrick Gilligan teaches HAI Automation StudioPatrick Gilligan presented a number of exciting new products from HAI including the Music Gateway (shipping in May), and the new IP indoor/outdoor camera (shipping now).

Class was held in Mid-Town Manhattan across from Madison Square Garden.