HAI Announces Support for Z-Wave and Zigbee Locks

One of the most requested HAI features of 2011 was support for motorized locks.  That feature is now here, and it gives you a great up-sell opportunity!  When Z-Wave locks are added to an HAI OmniPro II, IIe, Lumina Pro or Lumina controller, the user can lock or unlock the door as well as see status from SnapLink, touchscreens or PCAccess. In programming, dealers can use current lock status or pinpad activations as events and conditionals and send lock or unlock commands.

Worthington is stocking Z-Wave locks from KwikSet, Yale, and Schlage.  There are both deadbolts and entry sets available now.  Our tech team has put the lock support through its paces and is fully up to speed on it.  To get a head start and see what you need to make this happen, check out our HAI Lock Support document.