Nevo Studio 3 Offers Visual Programming to Create 2-Way Widgets

The latest version of Nevo Studio 3 is amazing.  Instead of relying on the manufacturer to create a plug-in (widget), the dealer can now create them on their own.  The best part is that there is no coding required.  The entire system is visual.  If you understand programming flowcharts, you can create Nevo widgets.  Barry Hampe and Tom Morgan both took a crack at creating widgets.  Both spent around 2 hours with the Nevo Widget Guide available at  After learning the basics Tom created a 2-way driver for Leviton Vizi-RF+ 4-Button controllers that tracks LED status and Barry created a thermostat interface (shown) which allows him to control a Z-wave thermostat next to his traditional A/V controls.  Both were created quickly and easily.  Best of all, the widgets can be reused on future projects.  If you have not played with Nevo Studio 3.0 you will want to, it is quite amazing.