Automation Control for Baseboard Heaters

This month we’ll be exploring how to automate the temperature control of a baseboard heater. Automation relay modules from Honeywell are available for the both 120-volt and 240-volt powered systems. They are compatible with 24-volt powered, low voltage thermostats.


Remember, safety first! Always disconnect the power to the baseboard before working on it. And always follow local, state and national electrical codes.

The relay module we’ll use as an example is the Honeywell RC840T. This can be wired for either a 2 wire or 3 wire installations. The relay would be installed in place of the standard baseboard thermostat and connected to the Honeywell thermostat. The Youtube video linked here has more information on installing the relay.

Once the installation of the relay is finished you can use the Honeywell mobile app to control the thermostat if it is the Wi-Fi version or an automation panel and app if it is the Z-Wave version. For more information and dealer pricing, give us call!