What Replacement Parts are Available for Omni?

We all know, by now, that Leviton has discontinued the Omni line of security panels. And, by now, I’m sure there are quite a few systems left out there that still work tremendously well. But, what do you do when you can no longer find a specific part, such as a UPB dimmer or a notification board. Join me this month to learn the answer to the following question: What parts can we use to replace those that are no longer available for our Omni panels?


HLC UPB Lighting Options


PCS has long been associated with creating the Universal Power Bus protocol and has been manufacturing lighting controls for all types of systems for many years now. There is now a direct replacement dimmer that is basically a plug and play option for the HAI 35A00-1 600 watt dimmer. These are available in white, black, brown, ivory, almond and light almond.

Also available through PCS is the 7 button keypad controller. A direct replacement for the HAI HLCK6 keypad. They are designed with HAI room controls in mind. Configuration includes 4 room scenes, 1 on and 1 off button. Available colors are white, black, brown, ivory, almond and light almond. Custom engraving for the buttons is also available. Like all UPB products, they can also be configured using the Upstart program.


Omni Notification


One of the options that Omni had was the notification board. It would send an email or text message directly to your phone when an alert sounded. Today, that board is no longer available. So, what do we do when the board goes bad? We pull it from the system and replace it with the Homeseer Zee automation hub. Homeseer has a software plugin that can be purchased to work with the Omni panel for at least email notifications. This is a quick solution for the installer that is in a pinch. The Zee has other benefits as well. It will integrate with other Z-Wave devices and can talk with Alexa directly.


Panel Replacements


Of course if you need to replace a bad panel, you can always try to have it repaired via Leviton’s repair service or if it’s still under warranty, have it replaced. But what do you do if you can’t have it repaired or replaced? It depends! How is the old panel set up? Do you have lighting and automation? Or just security? There are a lot of options available to replace or take over an existing system. For that, we recommend calling us!


This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of what is available for workarounds or replacements. In the future, there may be more!