Introducing the Alfred Deadbolt

This month we delve into the new Alfred Smart Lock. If you’re not familiar with the name, that’s ok, their smart locks are new to the market. However, the company has been manufacturing locks and mechanisms for almost 30 years. The design on these new smart locks is aesthetically pleasing with a smooth touch screen and affords easy installation. With a width of 3.07 inches, this lock can mount on nearly any door with no extra drilling or physical adjustment’s to the mechanism hole. They just seem to fit!

The DB1, their entry-level model, includes Bluetooth connectivity and the capability to store up to 20 pin codes. According to the Alfred Company, the ability to set temporary pin codes makes this unit ideal for short term rental applications and time sensitive applications. Using the Alfred’s One-Touch access through Bluetooth, will allow easy unlock and lock action with a single touch when you have your smart phone in your pocket or purse.

Alfred’s DB2 has the above options and more. Using the optional Z-Wave module allows hands free operation by integrating with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Lock and unlock your door with your voice. The DB2-B includes the same, but has the added keyed lock with a swivel cover. Both versions of the DB2 have voice prompts when activated. And, both versions are network ready to connect to your z-wave hub.

The Alfred is looking to be an exciting addition for any automated home. The cost is competitive to big box, big name brands and is readily available through our distribution channels. Keep an eye out for specials this October with this new product! And as always, let us know what you think, give us a call!