Summer Automation!

Trying to find a way to improve your life with home automation during the summer heat? Whether you manage an Air bnb or you’re going on vacation there’s always a way to make your life a lot easier with automation! Here are some suggestions we came up with:
1. Set your thermostat schedules to improve efficiency. (Nest will learn your behaviors so you don’t have to do that yourself. )
2. Manage lighting to turn on at sunset and to turn off either at sunrise or a preset time.
3. Give pet sitters and tradesman a temporary lock code to your smart door lock when you wont be home.
4. Install cameras to keep an eye on your home during your vacation! Most cameras today will offer motion or noise alerts so you can get a notification right on your smartphone!
5. Control and schedule your blinds and shades within your house! Now that the sun is shining bright, you can avoid the really hot days and close your window coverings!
6. Water your lawn remotely with a smart watering controller!

If you have any cool ideas for beating the summer heat, leave a comment!

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