Field Report – Luxul Wireless Controller

We do a ton of product testing in our lab and in our office and we use what we learn to try to help dealers chose the right product or system for their application.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to get some real-world experience with the the Luxul XWC-1000 controller and two XAP-1510 access points at a relative’s house.  This house had an older directional Luxul access point that covered it well, but it could have been better.

The XAP-1510 is Luxul’s top of the line AP model.  It runs at up to 1900 Mbps, runs at 2.4 and 5 GHz, and covers up to 10,000 sq ft in a perfect world.  So in that perfect world one of those placed centrally to the house should have covered the whole thing, but I wasn’t going to count on that.  Why?  Because this is the real world!  This house has radiant in-floor heat throughout and part of that system uses sheet aluminum plates to carry the heat out from the tubing.  We’ve known that to be a wireless killer in the past, plus we wanted the Wi-Fi signal to carry outside a ways too.

The house has a full basement, main floor, second floor, and a pretty accessible attic.  The basement is unfinished and we had some spare Cat 6 in the attic.  So rather than mounting the APs where they would be visible, I stuck one almost all the way to west end of the house in the attic, and a second almost all the way to the east end in the basement.  All Luxul indoor APs are omni-directional, so they provide a sphere of coverage.

Setup was easy.  If you can stick to an all-Luxul network this is almost plug and play. Power up the controller first and get into in a web browser.  It starts with a wizard that updates its firmware and asks you to input the network name, passphrase, and optionally create a secure guest network.  It then finds the APs and configures them.  If you have a router in place that uses a network scheme other than 192.168.0.X, you just have to get into the controller and make it match your address scheme and it will still find the APs.

The end result was 3 to 4 bars out of 4 of signal everywhere inside and on the patio outside.  This was an easy install and a pretty modest one.  The XWC-1000 controller can support up 16 APs and they can be a mix of indoor and outdoor models.

Don’t forget the controller function on the wireless routers!  Both models of Luxul wireless routers include the controller functionality allowing you to add two more APs to extend coverage.

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Centralite Villa Recorded Webinar!!

Just in case you missed the Centralite Villa webinar yesterday, here is a full recording! Join Charles and Ryan from Centralite as they do a brief overview of the Centralite Villa Lighting control system. One of the major benefits of the Villa products is being able to pair the switches and dimmers directly to an Amazon Echo Plus! (Hub required for all other Amazon products)

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!

Russound Control Options Webinars

With voice control and touchscreens taking over our lives, the technology being released makes our lives a whole lot easier! Our friends at Russound will be hosting some upcoming webinars on System Control options! These options include Amazon Alexa control as well as some local control options. You can sign up below! If you have any questions on the Russound System Control options, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!

Sign up here:


New Jersey ESA Annual Symposium

Harrah’s in Atlantic City is the host of this years NJESA(New Jersey Electronic Security Association). Not only is this an annual trade show, but they also offer classes that count towards CEU’s (continuing education units). Through the 3 day symposium, they will be offering up to 14 CEU’s with visits by over 100 vendors. Our very own Richard Scholl has joined Rick Tinker from The Z-Wave Alliance among others to attend.

The show runs from March 14-16. If you have any questions on CEU’s, or anything security, please let us know!


Time Change is upon us! Fire Safety!

The fire departments are always telling people to change batteries in all battery operated smoke alarms when the clocks change.
BUT, what most don’t realize is, this could be an opportunity to do annual inspection and check for expired LIFE SAFETY equipment.

Here is the life expectancy of some devices:
Panel batteries expire in 3-5 years
Smokes expire in 10 years
CO detectors expire in 7 years

For smoke alarms, you’ll want to confirm the following:
They are on every level of the home.
The alarms are inside and outside sleeping areas.
All alarms are tested each month.
All of the alarm batteries are changed as needed.
They alarms are less than 10 years old.

For CO detectors, You’ll want to confirm the following:
Carbon monoxide alarms are located on each level of the home.
They monoxide alarms are less than 7 years old

For more fire safety tips, or questions, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email