Russound A-Bus Training!

On March 1, Worthington will be hosting a webinar on A-BUS audio systems from Russound. It starts at 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

For those who don’t know A-BUS, and maybe those who think they know A-BUS, this is an opportunity to see a different approach to installed audio systems. When I was a field technician, I didn’t know about A-BUS. But, I realize how much more business we could have done had we offered it.

A-BUS is a Multi-room system that distributes power, data, and audio over Cat-5. By doing that, they virtually eliminate the audio losses commonly occurring in other distributed audio system. You’re going to get much cleaner sound with an amplified keypad, rather than blasting 100W down a pair of speaker wires and then funneling it through a volume knob.

Some of the key advantages:
1) Lower cost install: a single Cat 5 cable from equipment area or structured wiring panel to each room and then short runs of speaker wire from keypad to speakers.

2) Local source can be available in every room… no matter how many rooms you have! Dad won’t have to listen to the kid’s music. They can use the local source in their bedroom and the rest of the house doesn’t have to hear it. You can tie sound from the TV sound; it’s much better than the tiny speaker in the monitor.

3) Plug and Play system. The new homeowner can have music when they move in. No need to wait for the installer to come back and set it up.

4) Very Flexible: An A-BUS system can be the primary audio system, an off-shoot from the home theater, or a sub-zone on a higher end audio system.

Builders like A-BUS systems because of the low-cost and the Plug and Play. It’s a great offering when bidding to a builder.

Come sign-up for the webinar and learn more about it.

Russound A-Bus Distributed Audio Systems
Thursday, March 1 , 10 AM ET
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2018 Training Schedule

For those who know about us, you know that we pride ourselves on the training’s that we provide to our customers! Whether it’s pre or post sales support, we are always happy to help where we are needed! We also include product training’s meant to focus on specific product lines. In planning the 2018 training schedule, we’d like to get your feedback! What product training’s would you like us to do in 2018?