For those of you who don’t know, Lutron has released a new system called the Lutron Radio Ra2 Select! This system will be a dealer only product and will fall in between Caseta and Radio Ra2. We will be hosting a live webinar on October 5th at 10AM. If you are interested in attending the webinar, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


Guardian By Dome Water Damage Prevention System

There’s a new video up on our youtube page! That video is an overview of the Guardian by dome Water damage prevention system! Join Joel from our technical sales team to learn more about this amazing product! Piece of mind is what you’ll get with this system. The kit they have so far includes the main controller (Valve controller) and 3 water sensors that have a battery life of approximately 10 years and a range of about 1000 feet!! If you have any questions, please call us at 800-282-8864 or email!


Lutron Pro Benefits

Do you or your company currently install Lutron products? If so, you may qualify to be a Lutron Pro installer! For any installer that has installed (4) Lutron Caseta jobs – OR – (1)Radio Ra 2 job – OR – (1) Sivoia QS Triathlon shade job, then you qualify to be a Lutron Pro installer!

There are some great benefits of becoming a Lutron Pro installer! The first being that you will get an extended warranty! Your customers will be eligible for up to an additional 2 years of full warranty on your Radio Ra 2, Shade and Caseta products!
The next benefit is that you will earn points for your projects! Those points can then be redeemed for Lutron products, Apparel and more to be announced!
Last but not least, Lutron Pro will supply you with all the support you would ever need including US Based 24/7 Technical support, an online dealer forum to share questions and answers with troubleshooting tips and best practices AND you’ll also get contact information for your local Lutron representative! Your rep can then help with local training’s and support of business development!

If you would like to sign up with Lutron Pro go ahead over to!

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


CEDIA Debrief – 9/19

The Proximity Series Sliding Mounting Plate features a sliding design, providing accessibility behind your display for easy servicing and concealment of equipment. Tool-free, patented Lever Lock™ is built-in to easily remove the plate from the sliding mechanism to service the system post-installation without touching the display. It also offers the added flexibility to be mounted to the wall behind the display for universal compatibility with any mount including the VDM Series Single Display Wall Mounts.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


August Pro Z-Wave Lock

We are excited to be talking about this one! Our favorite August lock has released at CEDIA with Z-wave built in!! The new lock will be sold exclusively through August Pro, a division of August Home dedicated to serving integrators and security dealers in the custom home installation channel. With that, we’d like to add that August has joined the Z-Wave Alliance as well and mentioned that they will be expanding interoperability to create a more seamless system with your favorite products! The August Z-wave smart lock will be shipping this fall! Stay tuned for updates!

If you have any questions, please call us at 800-282-8864 or email!


Friday’s CEDIA 2017 Debrief

Today’s product will be the Proficient Protege’ Cabinet speakers! With the new Protege line of in-ceiling speakers they released a while back, they’ve now added cabinet speakers to round out the product line nicely.

If you have any questions on the products, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


CEDIA 2017 Debrief day 3

For today’s update, we would like to go over the new products from Russound! The first product would be the Wi-Fi streaming zone Amplifier. This unit is a 2.1 channel amplifier with 50 watts per channel at 8ohms. The special thing about this not only is it scalable up to 32 rooms, but it has built in streaming and the option for using Amazon Alexa!

That brings me to my next subject, Alexa and voice control! Amazon Alexa will be working with all MCA, Xstream series and MBX series products! This will give you the ability to play, pause, change sources, and control volume with only your voice!

The next product we are excited to see is the new XTS Touchscreen! We are calling it the XTS Plus! This adds a bigger wall-mounted touchscreen for controlling your entire Russound system. This will run the MyRussound app and works with the MCA series and the X-stream series products!

Stay tuned for the new in-ceiling speaker line!

For questions on these Russound products, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


CEDIA 2017 Debrief – Day 2 – Fibaro Door/window sensor

For today’s CEDIA 2017 debrief, we will overview the new Fibaro door/window sensor. The new version of our favorite Z-Wave door/window sensor will not only be smaller than its predecessor, but will also have temperature reporting built in! The sensors will still come in 7 ideal colors and will also include built in tamper protection as well as many different possibilities! For more information about the new Fibaro door/window sensor, give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


CEDIA 2017 debrief – Lutron

The rest of the week on social media, we will be talking about the exciting announcements from CEDIA 2017 last week! I’ll kick it off with the announcement of some new products from Lutron! The most impressive piece will be the Lutron Radio Ra2 Select controller. This would be a system put basically right in the middle of Radio Ra2 and Caseta. The Radio Ra2 Select controller will work with all of your favorite Radio Ra 2 dimmers and switches although, this system will not support hardwired keypads, but luckily Lutron also mentioned a full line of Pico keypads that we can use! The pictures are below.

The other notable release is of the Palladium shading system and Palladium thermostat! This brings a very modern and contemporary look to any home! Please see pictures below!

Last but not least Lutron now has a more cost effective in ceiling LED lighting fixture solution called Finire Prime. For a recessed ceiling lighting solution, Finire Prime is going to be the way you want to go.

For any questions on these new Lutron products, give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!