Success Habits

This week, I learned some new Success Habits that will help me support my customers better and make us both more successful.
I normally wouldn’t be this excited about a training on something we don’t actually sell. But, when I learned how much benefit to all involved the knowledge can be, I was really excited.
In the alarm industry, recurring revenue is the key to surviving and succeeding. So, it is very important to keep your alarm customers renewing their contract.
How do you do this? Well, ADC provides a number of free services and apps to help you do this.
You can run a report on your accounts and identify what customers you are in danger of losing. Basically, if they haven’t used their log-in for months, or ever, they will likely cancel. And there are other danger signs you can find from the reports.
So, how do you rescue these accounts before they are lost? You can re-engage them. Find out why they aren’t using the system and help them to see the value it has. Maybe they need re-training, maybe they need to have some automation to play with. Knowing what they lack, will help you retain that account.
Even more important, is how do you start a new customer so this never becomes an issue. If the installer employs six simple habits, you will see accounts staying longer and may even see more upsells at time of install.

I can list them below, But please take the time to see the training to get the full benefit. We plan on repeating this training again soon.

1) Verify the customer email address
2) Activate SMS/Push notifications
3) Define the GeoFence
4) Configure the arming reminder
5) Install at least one advanced device ( lighting, HVAC, etc.)
6) Configure a couple rules

As I said, ADC provides several free services and even trainings to help you be more successful. I doesn’t matter if you are a one-man shop or a large company with many employees. Register in the partner portal of and look around.
Keep an eye out for the next scheduled training, it’s worth the trip.

Worthington Distribution: May 24th Training Update!!

Here at Worthington, we will have an training taking place. This training is going to be a two hour session focusing on the top six action items you want to accomplish with a brand new customer. From January 2012 through January 2016, monitored close to 700,000 customers to better understand how they used their system and interactive service. Why did some cancel? Why were some more engaged than others? It all came down to what happened (or didn’t) at the end of the installation during the teaching/training phase. How thoroughly a customer engages with their new service comes down to the implementation of six steps, or success habits. At the end of that four year study, it was very evident that the customers that were the most engaged worked with dealers that used these success habits. Those customers that cancelled had minimal engagement and worked with dealer companies that didn’t take the time to get them properly set up that first day. We will go into great detail on what those steps are, how to implement them, and how to set the correct expectation for the new customer. It’s a fun, interactive session, that can make a significant impact on the “stickiness” of the new customer and help insure that they stay active with the dealer for a long, long time. If you have any questions, please let us know! You can call us at 800-282-8864 or email