URC HomeSet is now available at Worthington Distribution!!

URC HomeSet is now available at Worthington Distribution. Combining the smart home with all of your entertainment devices, HomeSet will close those gaps and provide a very user friendly and intuitive experience. Give us a call today at Worthington Distribution for any questions or pricing inquiries! 800-282-8864. You can also email us at Sales@worthdist.com!

URC HomeSet Press Release

Worthington University Update!

Today at Worthington Distribution we have the honor of hosting some of the industry’s best for a 2 day Worthington University training. This course will overview Leviton Omni panels and all of their components including lighting and security and a highlight on some more entry level devices. This new format we are doing for our Worthington University course is a condensed version of our 5 day training. If you or any other tradesmen are interested in training at our facility please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email us at Sales@worthdist.com

A special thank you to all of our Worthington instructors who put the work in to prepare for a class like this! Thank you!