New Leviton UPB Room Controller available!

Leviton has released their new version of their UPB room controller.

• UPB Room Controller for HLC Lighting:
o White and Light Almond will be available for order towards the middle of June, but you can access the materials now.
o Master controller pre-programmed with settings (A=80%, B=60%, C=40%, D=20%).
o Custom programmed via PC Access into a zone or scene keypad.
o Custom engraving available.
o Attend the 7/27 webinar. Sign up here:

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Music on hold

Does your company have out of date on hold music? Do you feel that your on hold music could offer more for your business? On Hold Plus and Worthington Distribution has a solution for you! Here at Worthington, we can assist you with scripting and even pre-recording for you and your company! If you have any questions on our Music on hold give us a call and we can answer any question you may have and when you are done, ask to be put on hold!

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Shades Month at Worthington Distribution is almost over!!!

At Worthington Distribution, the month of June has been Shades Month! What that means is that our dealers are getting not only a 4 part video series explaining shades, how to quote shades, and how to install them but we are also offering an additional 10% off of the shades quoted in June. These shade orders must be processed by the end of July. To take advantage of this shade promotion use the promo code: JUNE16SHADES

Below are videos 1 through 3 for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for video 4 of 4.

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Video 1 of 4

Video 2 of 4

Video 3 of 4

Fibaro Swipe is now IN STOCK!!

Introducing the next generation of Z-Wave scene control; The FIBARO Swipe is a revolutionary gesture-control device that can provide control of home automation devices within the FIBARO ecosystem without touching a single thing. This is made possible by associating a gesture to a command. The placement and possibilities of the FIBARO Swipe are truly endless.

Think of swiping up to open the roller shades, swiping down to turn on the T.V., swiping right to lock your door and swipe left to create a mood lighting scene for your home theater. With four short swipes, the living room is transformed into a home theater! Swipe’s only limit is your imagination.

Gestures and actions are confirmed by the buzzer of the FIBARO Swipe and can be indicated additionally by the built-in LED diode.
The Swipe will have the option for a micro USB power supply or battery powered with 4 AA batteries.

This revolutionary device is ideal for situations with wet hands. When looking at the kitchen and the bathroom, we improve on safety when we don’t have to touch the switch with your wet hands. With mounting, we have a few different options. We can have it hang out on a counter top or table; we can mount it on a wall to mimic a picture frame; or last but certainly not least, we can mount it under a counter top or table and will be invisible.

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