Arlo IP cameras are now here at Worthington Distribution!!

IP cameras, or internet protocol cameras, have become more and more prominent in the security and CCTV market in recent years. The benefits of having an IP camera are vast but just to point out a few, IP cameras give the ability to share two-way audio via the network cable giving you the ability to use door stations, among other things. Another major advantage is the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom over that very same cable. Beyond that, the IP protocol is much more encrypted and secure than the older analog predecessor.

There is a new style of IP camera that is changing the game a little bit. The name of that weatherproof AND high definition camera is Arlo. The Arlo IP camera is unique in that the camera is fully battery operated. The magnetic mount that comes with the camera makes it ideal to mount anywhere in your home that you have a wireless connection to the supplied ‘hub.’

To top off this gadget’s list of advantages, Arlo offers free as well as paid cloud recording so you have no need for an NVR in the home. You can store and review the last 7 days of recordings for free! The Arlo app always keeps you connected to your video memories. You have the option to upgrade your services to 60 days of cloud storage.

The Arlo will have the ability to sync with a smartphone app which is available on the iOS and Android app stores. The app will then give you the ability to set up alerts and schedules to best suit your’s and your family’s needs.

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New to Worthington is the August Smart lock!

When it comes to protecting your home, the lock is the first line of defense. And sometimes we cannot hand out keys to just anyone! What happens if we give our key to the cleaning people and they end up losing it, or worse, they use it against you! Now, however, the times they are-a changing! When it comes to smart locks, we have a few options but none more simple than the August Smart lock.

On its own, the August Smart Lock has the ability to lock and unlock the door of your house or apartment from you smart phone via Bluetooth LE. This is great as a stand alone solution where a customer only wants a door lock, which we see fairly often. You also gain the ability to give multiple people temporary “keys” to unlock your door lock and set up schedules for those “keys”. You can also run automation for the lock to unlock when you are physically near the lock and lock after a preset amount of time.

For added network features and remote control, August has made a piece called the August Connect. This little module would plug into the outlet closest to your lock. It would then link to your Wi-Fi which will allow for a remote connection from your lock to your phone. At this point you would have the ability to control and monitor the state of your lock from anywhere in the world with a network or cellular connection.

Other products August manufactures includes their August Doorbell Cam and the August Smart Keypad. Putting all of these devices in a home would bring all of these devices into one single app!

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Check out the video below where our technical sales rep Nolan presents our First Hands on with August Lock!!

New Kwikset Signature Series Z-Wave Locks!!

Spring has arrived!! The weather is getting warmer. The birds are chirping. The flowers are blooming and a burglar is scheming a way to get into your beautiful home. Deadbolt locks can help protect your home from intruders when you are away or at home. There are a number of different styles of deadbolt locks and Worthington carries Kwikset automated locks. Automated locks often have big and clunky hardware. To address these aesthetic features, Kwikset has made a smaller lock that will satisfy even the pickiest home designer.

The Kwikset Signature Series locks (pictured below) will make you scratch your head for a moment but once you see them, you will wish these locks had been around sooner. The difference between the conventional automated locks and the Kwikset Signature Series is that the Signature Series has no keypad on the exterior portion of the lock. It is just the deadbolt somewhat reminiscent of the older style, non-automated locks. With this, you do not get the large hardware taking up a lot of space on your door and for a more elegant and simple design. You will also get the remote control through any Z-Wave certified controller compatible with Kwikset locks.

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