Worthington Distribution and the Z-Wave Alliance wrap up ISC West

Today marks the last day that our fellow integrators and tradesman will be walking around the halls of the Sands Expo looking at and chatting about this year’s new security products. Between the new technology,  products, and the increased interest in the security field, I’m sure it’s been an amazing experience had by all. Worthington Distribution had the honor and opportunity to work with the Z-Wave Alliance to put together the Z-Wave interoperability wall to show a vast ecosystem that works wonderfully together. Below is Richard Scholl, founder of Worthington Distribution, with Janet Collins, Director of Membership and Events, showing off this ecosystem for the last day of ISC West.




Icon of the Industry Will Be Missed


Lutron Founder Joel Spira  has passed away at the age of 88.  Mr. Spira was the father of the modern-day energy saving dimmer.  The dimmer is so significant it is showcased next to Edison’s light-bulb in the Smithsonian.  With over 50 years of innovation, and 15,000 products used in over 100 countries, his legacy will surely live on through products we use everyday.







Leviton OmniTouch 7 has new IP intercom feature!

It has been almost two years since the Leviton OmniTouch 7 was released. The latest firmware version released by Leviton for the touchscreens(Version 1.8) will include a new feature that will allow it to interface with IP door intercoms. When the door station call button is pressed, the OmniTouch 7’s will ring. You will then have the ability to not only see the front door camera but also have two-way audio from the door to the touchscreen. Also, you will also be able to page other OmniTouch 7’s in the same network or even groups of extensions. You can configure the system to ring all OmniTouch 7’s in the network as well as IP phones and if no one answers, it can ring to a mobile phone which will allow you to speak with the person at your door!


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Lutron Experience Center











Worthington Distribution hosted a Lutron Experience Center tour at Lutron’s headquarters in Coopersburg, PA.  Nolan Male of Worthington Distribution, Rogers Hill of Hill Residential Systems, and the crew from Diversified Systems were in attendance.  Taylor Kent of Lutron did an awesome job explaining what total lighting control encompasses.

Lutron’s Experience Centers are an invaluable training and learning tool to understand the concepts of automated window treatments and lighting control.  Lutron experience centers and showrooms are impeccably designed to showcase the very best in lighting and shading systems. Centers and showrooms feature unique lighting solutions, from accenting décor and creating a specific mood to enhancing safety and security.  Lutron has these centers available in Coopersburg-PA, Irvine-CA, Plantation-FL, New York-NY, Washington-DC, Toronto-ON.

Should you want to schedule a tour at any of Lutron’s Experience Centers please contact Worthington today, 800-282-8864 or sales@worthdist.com