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Worthington Distribution will be working with CentraLite on two upcoming Live Webinars.   The first webinar on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 is focused on the technical infomation of CentraLite’s rock-solid hardwired Elegance XL system.  This system uses load panels to control lights and simply cat5e to keypad locatons.  The second webinar is centralized around a wireless lighting system called Jetstream and will be hosted on Thursday, February 13th, 21014.  Jetstream is an ultra-reliable, dynamic wireless control system.

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Worthington Now Carrying IP Datatel

IP Datatel offers a great retrofit solution for existing hardwired security systems that do not offer an App or cellular communication.  There are several different model numbers available.

The BAT-CDMA module connects to the phone terminals of any alarm panel using Contact ID and transmits over IP and cellular.  If one service goes down you are still connected.  These signals can be forwarded to the central station of your choice.

The IPD-BAT wires directly to the keypad bus of DSC, Ge Interlogix, and Honeywell alarm panels to provide control of the system on a web browers or a free App from Apple or Android.  Users see a virtual keypad that offers the same control at the actual keypad.  The unit can offer email and text notifications

Costs are very low for these great services, $4.50 for central station signals only and $6.49 for central station, notifications, and the virtual keypad.




Lutron Releases NEW Two-Wire CFL-LED Dimmer For RadioRA2!

Lutron RadioRA 2 CFL LED dimmers are now shipping!  We are very excited and pleased with the test results we have seen with numerous CFL and LED bulbs.  This dimmer is very unique in that there is NO NEUTRAL required which makes it perfect for two-wire retrofit applications.  For communicating lighting system dimmers this is an industry breakthrough.  The dimmers are UL rated for 600W incandescent, 450W magnetic low-voltage, and 150W CFL and LED.  Please give us a call today to place them on order!


Lutron Battery Roller Shades Now Shipping!

Worthington recently received the brand new Lutron Roller Shade Demonstration Kit and Roller Fabric Binder.  Sivoia QS Triathlon is one of the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable automated shading systems available today. This battery-powered solution offers a 3-5 year battery life for easy installation and maintenance, perfect for retrofit applications.  Available in new roller shade or insulating honeycomb styles, these shades have a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space. Able to work as a standalone or system solution, these shades can be controlled at the touch of a button. For more information regarding Lutron Triathlon Shades please see this link or feel free to contact Worthington at 800-282-8864.


Leviton Automatically Turns On Ventilation Fan to Reduce Condensation

Automatically Control Humidity Level
Our new Humidity Sensor and Fan Control detects excess humidity in a room and automatically activates the ventilation fan to reduce excess condensation.* This helps to lessen the appearance of mold and mildew and provides a more comfortable environment.

The sensor uses state-of-the-art technology to continuously monitor the air in a room and automatically turn on the ventilation fan when it detects a rise in humidity. The device features easily adjustable settings for sensor sensitivity, humidity level and automatic time out which can be set to meet the specific ventilation needs of a room.

As an added benefit, use of this sensor helps reduce energy usage by automatically operating the fan only when needed, reducing continuous or unnecessary use.

The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control is ideal for controlled ventilation in areas of the home prone to dampness, condensation and mildew such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Home Spas

Give us a call for your pricing today!  Part Number:  LEVIPHS5-1LW


Goodbye Incandescents

Today marks a sad day in the world of technology.  As of January 1, 2014 incandescent bulbs (100W,60W, and 40W) and will no longer be manufactured or imported to the United States.  This brings a new dawn to the world of energy efficient lighting solutions such as LED’s and CFLs.  If you have questions about dimming LEDs or CFLs please give Worthington a call and we can help! 800-282-8864