Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon Shades Certification

Nolan Male of Worthington Distribution attended a Lutron Triathlon Shades Certification in New York, NY.  Holly Zogheib of Lutron conducted the training and did an amazing job, keeping the class on the edge of their seats all day.  Maximum attendance was exceeded, a testament to how popular these shading solutions are!  Triathlon battery shades have both roller and honeycomb options available.  The day began with information about how to sell Lutron automated window treatments.  Measuring for shades and fabric types were discussed in great detail.

The new battery operated roller shades have a 3-5 year battery life and can be 96″ wide and 96″ high, a ground-breaking innovative solution!  This technology coupled with the outstanding quality of Lutron decisively addresses products consumers are demanding.   Roller and honeycomb products can be used as stand-alone single room applications or whole-house automated solutions that are integrated with RadioRA 2.

For more information regarding Lutron Triathlon Shades please see this link or feel free to contact Worthington at 800-282-8864.


zBoost Review For Worthington University

Worthington University recently got upgraded with a zBoost YCX3500 cell-phone booster.  The installation was as simple as plugging-in the supplied RG6 coax cable and power supply.  The most challenging part of the installation was running the RG6 to the roof to mount the antenna with supplied hardware which was still rather easy.

Worthington Distribution is located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, cell-phone coverage inside our building is sometimes less then adequate.  The Worthington University training room is located in the middle of the building lending itself to very poor coverage.  Coverage in this room typically floats from zero to one bar of reception, utilizing zBoost we are able to achieve full reception.  From the screen shots below you can see the results, this is from simply just powering the unit!


Lincoln Technical Institute

Recently President Richard Scholl of Worthington Distribution attended Lincoln Technical Institute’s career experience day in Union, New Jersey.  He first observed students of the Electrical Security Technician ( EST ) class pre-wiring for today’s home.  Methods for wiring line voltage, security, fire, CCTV, internet, and everything in the connected home were of the most up-to-date standards.  He spoke with students and instructors explaining current consumer exceptions and demands.  The day concluded with Richard participating in an advisory committee that provides suggestions and future direction.



Keri Systems at Worthington Distribution

A Keri Systems Access Control system training was hosted at Worthington Distribution.  Mike Bevan, Mitchell Erlitz, and Tim O’Conner of Keri Systems joined us to provide technical insight of their Doors.Net Software as well as NXT controllers.  The class was very interesting and provided a in depth look at the controllers and software that make Keri Systems ultra-reliable .  Keri provides basic door access systems to enterprise class access control with solutions for everything in-between.  Their systems also integrates with IP Cameras which allows film clips to be gathered based on specific access events.





Now Required: Fire-Rated Speaker Boxes

It’s been brought to my attention that many municipalities have expanded their interpretation of the following codes: ASTM E-119; UL263; NFPA 251 and are requiring fire-rated speaker boxes for all recessed speakers. I recently took a call from a New Jersey installer who said that code is requiring boxes on all new installs.  Previously, this was mostly enforced only in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) and garages.


Sections of the code are printed below, but in simple English:

If you make a hole in a ceiling and there is living space above, you need a fire-rated speaker enclosure.  If you make a hole in a wall and there is living space on the other side, you need a fire-rated speaker enclosure. (Exception is if there is a door-less opening into that room from the room you are in.)


I’ve always been a fan of speaker boxes for better sound control.  I’ve heard tremendous sound improvement on even cheap speakers.  So, while our customers may not like the added expense, at least we will get that benefit.


Since there are some brands of speakers that do not have fire-rated enclosures, I am listing the models we carry and the speaker cut-out they are expected to fit.  There is some play, so you might find one close enough to the speaker you plan to use.

New Construction:

Proficient metal back boxes (new construction)

PFBB-C650    For C600 series ceiling speakers, approx. 8.25” cut out.

PFBB-C800    For C700 & C800 series ceiling speakers, approx. 9.875” cut out.

PFBB-W600    For W600 series wall speakers, approx. 10.875 by 6.75” cut out.

Leviton metal back box (new construction)

LEVAEBC6     Fire-rated back box for AEC65 Ceiling Speaker, approx. 7.88” cut out.

Russound Flexbox Speaker Box (new construction or retrofit)

RSFBC1-FR   For ceiling speakers, can be cut to size

RSFBW1-FR  For wall speakers, can be cut to size


NEC Code Section 640.25

“Loudspeakers installed in a fire resistance-rated partition, wall, or ceiling shall be listed for that purpose or installed in an enclosure or recess that maintains the fire resistance rating.”


2006 International Building Code Section 712.4.1.2

“Penetrations of membranes that are part of a fire-resistance-rated horizontal or vertical assembly shall comply with section 712.1.1.1 or 712. Where assemblies are required to have a minimum 1-hour fire-resistance rating, all fixtures or devices shall be installed such that the required fire resistance of these assemblies will not be reduced”