iRule Builder & iRule 3.1 for iOS Now Available!

The latest release of iRule for iOS features something for everybody in this release: Variables for power-users, multi-state buttons for those interested creating a more interesting user interface, and much more.

To use the new version and start working with variables and multi-state buttons, just log in to your iRule Builder account, and of course update your app right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

New Features in iRule Builder and iRule 3.1 for iOS

Variables (iRule Pro)
A powerful new feature for iRule power-users, variables make building complex remote controls much easier. From which devices a page controls, to link destinations, to which graphics are displayed on a button or link, almost any aspect of a remote can be controlled by a variable. iRule is hard at work on documentation for variables.

Multi-State Images
Buttons and links can now have three appearance states: Default, pressed, and selected. Make your user-interface more interesting and more interactive. Give your cutomers’ user interfaces more meaning with source selection indication – all in a single Drawer. The graphics in the three main themes have all been updated with “pressed” states, and activity and source buttons also have new “default” and “selected” states. Put them in groups so they interact with one another, and use variables for even more exciting interactions. We’re also in the process of updating the templates so the Handset Wizard creates new handsets with two-state buttons. Those should all be ready in a few days.

ESI Module for Blinds, Shapes, and Drapes
Drop the ESI Module into your remote and easily control ESI motors and actuators for fast, easy control of Hunter-Douglas motorized shades, blinds, and drapes, with rich, visual feedback.

Weather Module
The Weather Module is a handy little drag-and-drop module that uses geolocation to know where your remote is, and gives you current weather status. Add the Weather Module to your handset, and glance at your remote control to find out what’s happening on outside.

URL Widget Refresh
URL widget views will now refresh at a user-defined interval. This is particularly useful with devices like DVRs and security camera pages that host static images instead of a video stream.

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Action
We’ve enhanced Wake-on-LAN (WoL) to now include an Action object. Add the WoL object to a macro on a button or a link, or in a panel entrance, for much better control of your WoL devices like computers, media servers, and a few TVs.

Lutron Module Update
Blinds and shades are now supported in Lutron systems. Drag and drop horizontal or vertical modules for control of blinds and shades, with full visual feedback.

Module Background Visibility
Module background visibility is now optional on both Automation and Weather Modules. Use your own background in a background layer, or let the modules ‘float’.

Android Handsets and x3 Graphic Scale
We’ve also added templates for a few more of the most popular Android handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Kindle Fire HD 7 and 8.9. To accommodate the super-high pixel density of the HTC One and Galaxy S4, we created a new ‘x3’ graphic scale, and new image libraries to go along with it. We’re still putting the finishing touches on a couple of the templates, so they probably won’t be ready for a couple of days, but we think they’re already looking great.

Other Improvements, Changes, and Fixes
• Resolved an issue where enable volume control for a device could cause the app to crash. Volume control selection will also be hidden if a device has no volume commands.
• Enhanced Leviton Module communication with the Leviton VRC0P controller for better, faster Z-Wave control.
• Resolved an issue where Leviton controller messages were truncated.
• Resolved an issue where the Leviton Module wouldn’t display thermostat cool set points when switched to Auto from Heat mode.
• Added a “waiting” display overlay to the Automation Module indicate status is updating.
• Resolved an issue where updating thermostat set points could crash the app.
• Adjusted IR smooth-repeat count for better performance.
• Lutron and ESI Module blind controls are user-selectable and support tilt, lift, or both. Added horizontal module layout.
• HAI Module thermostat now supports fahrenheit and celsius temperature display.
• Lutron Module thermostat now supports fahrenheit and celsius temperature display.
• If gateways disconnect for any reason, the app will now attempt to reconnect with a button tap.
• The navigation bar is now hidden on iPhone in landscape mode.
• Special characters in username/password HTTP URLs are now encoded properly.
• Fixed an issue that prevented handset rotation from working properly on iPad 1 running iOS 5.
• Resolved an issue where the app could crash if username and password fields were empty.
• Resolved an issue configuring serial devices with baud rates faster than 14,400.
• Updated the welcome message to reflect new 30-day trial period.