Worthington Distribution Donates to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Worthington Distribution co-workers Carolynn Kushnir (Accounting) and Jeanette Navarro (Purchasing) are pictured at left  with a portion of the donation that was shipped to Hoboken Clergy Coalition Shelter in Hoboken, NJ last week.  While several Worthington Distribution team members were without power for nearly a week due to Hurricane Sandy’s landfall in the northeast,

Jeanette and Carolynn were drawn to the stories of those who lost nearly everything in New York and New Jersey.


“As a mom, I couldn’t sit back and see families or children in need, without the basic necessities or a way to keep warm, and do nothing. Feeling the mild inconveniences we had here, like a few days without power or hot water was simply that – an inconvenience, but it made me realize others have it so much worse and something had to be done,” said Carolynn Kushnir of her desire to start the relief effort.


Jeanette Navarro’s desire to help also stemmed from her love as a mother, “My intentions are to help people provide for themselves, their families and loved ones with the basic necessities, in a time of desperate need.  What if that was my daughter and me struggling for warmth and a meal?”  Carolynn and Jeanette accepted financial donations from both Worthington Distribution and Jay McClellan on behalf of HAI by Leviton, who has seen first-hand the destruction that can be caused by a hurricane, and they set out to purchase the necessity items that those affected by flooding in the Hoboken area so desperately need.  They also sorted and packaged good will donations that came in from co-workers, family and friends.


In all, the duo coordinated the delivery of a half ton of warm clothes, blankets, paper products, and toiletries to the Clergy Coalition Shelter, which has been serving its community for over 30 years.  The owner of a local trucking company, Mercury Freight, volunteered to personally deliver the items to Hoboken.

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