HDBaseT Had A Big Impact At CEDIA

HDMI 1.3a, 3DTV, Ethernet and IR up to 330 feet over a single Cat 5; does that get your your attention?  The specification is called HDBaseT and we have products shipping from Muxlabs, Gefen and Vanco.  This specification finally eliminates the need for expensive, custom HDMI feeds during pre-wire.  Now you simply need Cat 5 or 6 and a set of HDBaseT Baluns.  The amazing thing is that this technology does not stop there.  At CEDIA, they were showing off a power specification that can provide 100 watts of power.  In the future HDBaseT might even eliminate power cables for flat screen TVs.  The next time you need to send HDMI long distances, give us a call an we can help specify a set of HDBaseT Baluns.