Another Great HAI / NEC DSX Phone System Application

While preparing our booth for CEDIA (Booth 3400), Richie came across another awesome application.  The DSX system supports HAI Access Control which means it also supports Z-Wave and ZigBee locks!  Richie programmed a button on the phone to control the lock in the HAI setup.  When the lock is open the LED is on and when the door is locked the LED is off.  Now customers have an easy way to control their doors and see the current lock status.  Simply use an HAI Ethernet enabled controller and an NEC DSX phone system.  The programming for seamless integration takes only a couple minutes.  If you have not watched the Worthington University videos that show the HAI and DSX integration, we invite you to take a look:

2GIG Announces a New Wireless Smoke / Heat / Freeze Detector

2GIG Technologies has announced the SMKT3-345 Wireless Smoke / Heat / Freeze Alarm Smoke Detector.  The SMKT3, 2GIG’s next generation in fire and freeze protection, offers the same reliable functionality and features as the SMKT2 but with the added benefit of freeze detection. It is more customizable than previous models by allowing separation of the smoke, heat, and freeze features enabling the alarm to detect one, two, or all three.

Live Streaming Class: HAI ZigBee HA Solutions


For years dealers have been awaiting the arrival of ZigBee. We have had pieces and parts that have effectively used ZigBee radios; however, products from different manufacturers did not work together as a system. It was like trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with pieces from different puzzles. That has now changed as ZigBee Home Automation Profile (ZigBee HA) is becoming a reality. While all ZigBee products use ZigBee radios, ZigBee HA products are different because they speak a predefined protocol that allows products from different manufacturers to interoperate. ZigBee HA products are now available from Home Automation Inc., Centralite, Kwikset, and Somfy that work together to complete the integrated system puzzle.

– What is ZigBee?
– What is ZigBee Home Automation Profile?
– Aren’t ZigBee and Z-Wave the same?

ZigBee HA Solutions:
– HAI – Coordinator, Automation, Thermostats, Plug-ins and load controller
– Centralite – Azela lighting devices
– Kwikset – Controlled locks
– Somfy – Window treatment control interfaces

Setting up a ZigBee HA Network

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Leviton Acquires Home Automation, Inc.

Today we received some very exciting news.  Leviton has acquired HAI.  This is great news for our dealers and the industry.  HAI is now a division of a billion dollar organization.  This will allow HAI to benefit from Leviton’s world class operations. In return, Leviton has acquired a proven home automation manufacturer with a proven history for innovation and reliability.  The HAI division will remain in New Orleans with no changes to personnel.  Everyone at Worthington Distribution wishes everyone at HAI and Leviton a heart felt congratulations!


The official press release:

Leviton today announced the acquisition of Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), a leader in home automation controls for residential and light commercial applications. HAI enhances Leviton’s current home automation offerings by providing homeowners with solutions that combine security, energy management and entertainment controls, in user-friendly applications.

Integrating HAI products with Leviton’s solutions provides homeowners with a smart choice for automation and remote access capabilities. HAI has a wide-ranging product offering, from systems that allow homeowners to control their automated video surveillance system and audio devices over the Internet to programmable thermostats and light switches accessible directly from a smart phone.

“Leviton’s acquisition of HAI represents a significant expansion of our offerings in the residential market, and furthers Leviton’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technologies as affordable, easy-to-use solutions,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, Chief Operating Officer of Leviton. “Leviton and HAI are two established brands coming together to offer a complete whole home automation solution that customers can trust.”

HAI will operate as a new, standalone business unit, branded HAI by Leviton, and maintain operations in New Orleans. The new business unit will be managed by Jay McLellan, current CEO and president of HAI, who will report directly to Daryoush Larizadeh. HAI product lines will soon be available through Leviton’s U.S. and international channel partners and distributors. Leviton also plans to provide its builder and contractor network with the necessary training for installing HAI systems.

“We are proud to be part of the Leviton team, joining a company with a rich history and well-established brand,” added Mr. McLellan. “Through the combined technologies from Leviton and HAI, we anticipate continued growth and innovation in the home automation space, providing homeowners with additional advancements for years to come.”


The acquisition of HAI continues Leviton’s commitment to strategic growth and innovation. Leviton has evolved into a global provider of electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions and lighting and energy management systems for a variety of end-use markets.


About Leviton

Leviton is the smart choice, providing the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems. From switches and receptacles, to daylight harvesting controls, networking systems, and equipment for charging electric vehicles, Leviton solutions help customers achieve savings in energy, time and cost, all while enhancing safety.