Technical Tips: Save Time and Money with HAI’s New Wireless Zigbee Products

HAI’s New ZigBee Prodcuts:
HAI’s Zigbee thermostats, plug in’s, and load interfaces have arrived and the reaction has been outstanding. The real test of a product is how well it sells and how many technical support calls are generated. At our last Worthington Technical Support meeting I polled the staff about the troubleshooting question they have received on HAI’s ZigBee products and the answer was ZERO, NIP, NADA! Other than general questions like, ‘how does it work?” and “what parts do I need?” our staff had not had a single technical support questions related to getting the Zigbee products working; very impressive. Personally, I did have a customer question that was related to custom messages, but that is it. The reason the reaction has been so positive is that these new modules are using great technology and implemented in a way that an installer can have things up and running in literally minutes.

ZigBee Technology:
Let’s start with the technology. The HAI ZigBee modules use the Automation Profile, a generic standardized protocol that marks the future of ZigBee. The Automation Profile is ZigBee’s answer for interoperability between manufacturers. As more Automation Profile ZigBee products hit the market you will see HAI’s compatibility ZigBee with 3rd parties expand. Each HAI ZigBee product uses the ZigBee high power radio option which yields excellent range. In addition, because ZigBee is a mesh network, all of the modules extend the overall communication range. We already have installations with 7 and 9 thermostats that installed without a hitch.

ZigBee Installation:
The installation process is amazingly simply. Start with a ZIM Coordinator (HAI81A00-3WHZB). Set your serial port jumper the RS-485 and the mode to ZigBee. The devices are named and enrolled from PCAccess. The process is similar to enrolling HLC UPB module but even easier. If you have not given the ZigBee thermostats and plug – in modules a try, the time is now. They work and they offer a huge savings of time and materials; especially in retrofit applications.

HAI ZigBee Products for the Omni and Lumina Family of Controllers:
HAI81A00-3WHZB: Serial Zigbee RF coordinator interface HAI73A00-3ZB: 30 AMP Zigbee RF control module HAI73A00-4ZB: 5A AMP Zigbee RF control module HAI89A00-1ZB : 15 AMP Plug-in Zigbee RF control module HAIRC1000*ZB: Thermostat with Zigbee RF Transceiver: conventional single stage, heat pump and dual fuel systems HAIRC2000*ZB: Thermostat with Zigbee RF Transceiver: conventional 2 stage, 3 stage heat pump, dual fuel systems, humidity and dehumidification *-BL-Black, SL-Silver, WH-White When an HAI controller is not installed, HAI now has a the HAI81A00-2WHZB, a tabletop ZIM coordinator that provides stand alone scheduling for the thermostats, plug ins, and load control modules

About Tom’s Tips:
Tom Morgan is a 19 year industry veteran that has worked for HAI, and Ademco. He manages Worthington University an award winning training division of Worthington Distribution (800-282-8864). In Tom’s Tips he likes to share his real world experience obtained through product testing and working with dealers on their integration projects.

New Lower Pricing On Cameras’s great IP camera solution just got better with lower pricing. There are 4 cameras in the line including an outdoor IR illuminated POE powered camera, a low cost fixed hardwired/wireless camera, a Pan/tilt, hardwired/wireless camera, and a camera server that converts a standard composite video stream. Installation could not be easier. Browse to an account, plug the camera into the network and add power. In the browser, click ‘add camera’ to associate the camera with the account. If you need the camera to be wireless, just add the wireless settings. Everything is ready to go, just install the camera on a network with internet access. The cameras work great with security accounts or can be used as a stand alone solution, complete with DVR style features. Be certain to give us a call for your new, lower pricing- 800-282-8864.

New 2GIG Kit Available

Worthington Distribution has added a new kit to the 2GIG offering. The new Kit 7 (2GIG-CNTRL-KIT7) features the 2GIG Go controller with the TMobile GSM card, (3) 2GIG-DW10 door/window transmitters, a 2GIG-KEY2 Keyfob and a 2GIG-GB1 wireless glass break. This new kit is similar to the traditional 2GIG 3-1-1 kits; however, it includes a glass break instead of a motion detector.