Coming soon, the HAI iPod Dock

We just received word that HAI will be shipping an iPod Dock at the end of July. The dock will be available in 2 versions, both Ethernet (96A00-1) and Wi-Fi (96A00-2). This new iPod Dock is designed for use with HAI’s Hi-Fi2 and their touch screen interfaces. When used with the Ethernet based screens the user will be offered full control including play list or podcast selection, and the ability to play by title, artist, genre etc. Be certain to place your pre-order today! (800-282-8864).

Las Vegas Branch Hosts Lutron BLAST Training

Worthington Distribution’s Las Vegas branch hosted a successful Lutron BLAST training yesterday.  The BLAST training is an important step in becoming a Radio Ra2 installer.  While all dealers have access to Radio Ra2 products, dealers that complete BLAST training gain access to the Radio Ra2 programming software, allowing them to build systems up to 100 nodes and integrate with 3rd party control systems such as HAI.  The next Worthington Distribution BLAST training is set for July 18th in Tafton, PA.
Register for BLAST training.

OnQ’s Unity Home System

OnQ’s Bobby Russo was at our Tafton, PA headquarters yesterday to give us an update on the Unity system.  Unity has had some major updated and new features added.  Here is a brief overview.

New Features include:

  • Lighting – OnQ has released a great wireless lighting system and tied it into Unity
  • Internet Radio – This is a new feature of the Player – It uses to stream radio stations from all over the world, Free!
  • Weather – real time and forecasts
  • Messages – now record a message that can play when someone rings the doorbell
  • Expansion module – Unity can now support up to 8 LCD and TV displays
  • Configure events that can include music, messages, and lighting
  • Control the system from mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android

This is in additon to the existing features:

  • Integrate Selective Call intercom and LyriQ music
  • Stream music from network storage and computers
  • View up to 6 cameras on the LCD screens and TV interfaces

We are currently working on creating new online training modules that will cover Unity in-depth.  Also feel free to give us a call any time to discuss what Unity can do for you.

High School Students Participate in Job Shadow

Worthington Distribution Warehouse Manager Leads High School Students in Job Shadow DayWorthington Distribution’s Tafton Warehouse Manager, Tom Evans (right), led two high school students through a warehouse orientation session this morning.  The students assisted in receiving, picking and shipping as part of Wallenpaupack High School’s job shadow program.  Earlier in the year, Worthington Distribution hosted a group of 50 High School seniors who were exposed to all facets of the Tafton operations including customer service, tech support, accounting, purchasing, returns, warehousing and training.  Worthington Distribution is committed to being an active member of the local community.

2gig & Simon XT: Severe Weather Alerts from

You can now provide increased preparedness and safety for your customers with severe weather alerts. These warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and are tracked by, who will provide your customers with alerts for: tornadoes, tsunamis and fires.

Your customers can already get alerted about internal events like intrusions, carbon monoxide and home or business fires. Now they can be notified about external events which could put their families and belongings at risk.
1. How Severe Weather Alerts Work:
(Supported by 2GIG Go!Control and Simon XT panels)
1. An alert is issued by the National Weather Service.
2. The information is relayed by to the customer via the security control panel.
3. A series of loud beeps sound and a warning message appears on the panel.
4. Alerts continue to sound and display until they are deactivated by the customer or discontinued by the weather service.

The National Weather Service’s preliminary estimate is that there have been approximately 1,000 tornadoes so far this year. We hope that by giving people more time to react, we will help reduce the number of casualties resulting from these events in the future.

How to Sign Up Customers:
“Severe Weather Alerts” is an add-on feature in the service plan list on the Dealer Website for each customer.
1. Log in to the Dealer Website.
2. Click Find Customer in the left-side menu.
3. Pull up the customer account and then click Service Plan.
4. On the next page, click Change Service Plan.
5. Scroll to the bottom section, “Other Add-ons,” and check the box for “Severe Weather Alerts.”

It’s up to you whether you want to charge customers for this feature and how you want to package it. (i.e. as part of a service plan or à la carte).

Now you can give your customers another reason to think of their security system provider in a positive way – you are helping to keep them safe from dangerous weather. Customers who are getting more beneficial alerts from their security system provider are more satisfied customers who are more likely to stay on longer and generate more referrals.

New Vizia RF+ Serial Interface with HAI

The new version of the Leviton VRC0P Z-Wave serial interface is now in stock and shipping!  This is the interface we have been waiting for. It is flash programmable and  paves the way towards secure lock transmissions and communication to 2-way battery class devices (beaming command).  This 2nd generation interface is built upon the 1st generation interface’s protocol and adds new commands for new product classes.  To identify the new serial interface look on the prong side of the interface. Next to the ‘vizia rf+’ you will see a big “3”. If a 3 does not appear, the interface is a 1st generation serial interface.

Note: If you are using the new serial with HAI, you will need to reflash the unit with the latest firmware. It improves timing with the HAI transmissions. Reflashing requires a serial port and the white cable that comes with the serial interface. The actual flashing process only takes a couple minutes. You can download the update from the Leviton website: