NEC Visits Worthington Distribution

Bill Magri, Albert Kelly and Justin Koehler of NEC Corporation of America stopped by the Worthington Distribution Tafton office to deliver some outstanding news.  The HAI / NEC integration is entering the final stages of testing.  Bill and his team have done an outstanding job integrating full HAI control from any of the NEC system phones.  Best of all, there is no extra equipment needed.  The HAI integrates directly through the Ethernet port on the NEC phone system.  To see the system in action, take a look at the integration video from EHX (Worthington turns NEC phone system into home automation controller ).  Standing to the right of Bill, Albert and Justin is Richie and Richard Scholl from Worthington Distribution.

Worthington Distribution is now shipping HAI ZigBee® Home Automation Profile Energy Management Products.

 Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), the leading manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced that they are now releasing the wireless energy management product suite, shown in our booth at EHX, which utilizes the ZigBee® Home Automation profile. ZigBee is a wireless mesh networking system where each product can repeat signals if needed for reliable two-way performance. This technology is perfect for installing or retrofitting energy management of heat and air systems, water heaters, pool pumps, and more.

The ZigBee® products include:

Omnistat2 Wireless Multistage & Heat Pump w/ Humidity Control – HAIRC2000WHZB

Omnistat2 Wireless Single-Stage Conventional & Heat Pump – HAIRC1000WHZB

ZigBee Interface Module – HAI81A00-3WHZB

HAI Omni & Lumina Controllers – HAI81A00-3WHZB

30A Wireless Load Control Module – HAI73A00-3ZB

5A Wireless Load Control Module – HAI73A00-4ZB

15A Plug-in Load Control Module – HAI89A00-1ZB

These products are now available through Worthington Distribution. Please call us at 1-800-282-8864 or email to place your order today.

2011 Mark Of Excellence Awards

Worthington Distribution is an active member of CEA’s TechHome.  The most exciting TechHome event each year is the Mark Of Excellence Awards which takes place at EHX in Orlando.  Pictured (left to right) are co-presenters Thomas Pickral (Director of Smart Grid Solutions for HAI) and Tom Morgan (VP, Worthington University), to the right is Roland Graham, Vice Chair of TechHome, and Steve Merola (Futuristic Homes).  Steve was accepting his award for Universal Design Project of the Year (one of two he received during the evening).  Other big winners were HAI and 2gig.  It was a great evening.  Next year, put EHX on your calendar for March 15-17,2012 and plan to attend the MOE awards.

2011 Mark Of Excellence Leadership Toast

A tradition at the end of each Mark of Excellence Award Ceremony is a Leadership Award Recipient Toast.  This year’s Leadership Award winner is Roland Graham of HD Homes.  TechHome Vice Chair and former MOE chair, Roland has devoted countless hours to the industry.  Congratulations Roland!

This year’s toast included: 

Back Row Left to Right:

Richard Scholl, Worthington Distribution

David Hanchette, Legrand

Ken Kerr, Home Controls

Dan Fulmer, FulTech Solutions

David Rodarte, Nuvo Technologies

Doug Fikse, Legrand

Lower Row Left to Right

Tom Callahan, Sawyers Controls

Jay McLellan, Home Automation Inc.

Shelly Graham, wife of Roland Graham

Roland Graham, HD Homes

Kinsey M. Fabrizio, CEA TechHome

Duane Paulson

HAI Wins Big During the 2011 Mark Of Excellence Awards

HAI was a big winner during the 2011 Mark Of Excellence Awards at EHX in Orlando.  Pictured (left to right) is presenter and two time MOE winner Steve Merola of Futuristic Home, TechHome Vice Chair Roland Graham, and Brian Yokum, CTO for HAI receiving the Structured Wiring Product of the Year for HiFi 2.  HAI also took home honors for The Zigbee thermostats as the Green Product of the Year and the wireless vehicle detector as Security Product of the Year.  Congratulations HAI!

BitWise – iPhone/iPad Universal Remote – In Stock

While the iPhone and iPad may be revolutionizing the user interface segment of our industry, many dealers struggle to actually make a profit when using them. The customer buys the hardware and the apps, leaving little else available for dealer markup. BitWise Controls can help with that!  They offer an Ethernet controller that can control IR, Serial, and IP home theater gear, as well as anything that can take a contact closure.

The app is free, and all configuration is done in the BitWise Editor software. First add devices from the library to your layout or even learn codes. Next you need the interface that the user will see. This can be designed from scratch, but we recommend you start with the template pack to save time. Drag commands from your devices to buttons on your GUI to assign their functions. The last step is to push your completed GUI to the iPhone or iPad. A basic home theater interface can be programmed in 30-45 minutes using the template pack.

BitWise is in stock now, and we are trained and ready get you started.