Worthington Awarded Sales Growth Award from DSC

DSC Territory Sales Manager, Darren Crawford presented Worthington with a sales growth award this morning.  DSC is a key partner in Worthington Distribution’s security offering.  From the popular PowerSeries to the ground-breaking Alexor 2-way wireless security platform, DSC provides proven reliable solutions to the security industry.

Give us a call today to find out whats’ new with DSC.

HAI Released 3.7

Controller firmware 3.7 released:

  1. Added support for ZigBee units and thermostats.
  2. Added additional languages for Lumina and Lumina Pro.
  3. Modified to allow baud rate to be adjusted for Lutron HomeWorks and Centralite.
  4. Increased delay between Somfy commands.

PC Access Version released:

  1. Added support for ZigBee units and thermostats.
  2. Added ZigBee Enroll and Disband feature to the “Edit ZigBee Address” dialogs for units and thermostats.  This is similar to the “Configure UPB” feature except that it is initiated from the setup page while on-line with the controller.  The Enroll function also retrieves the ZigBee address of the device and updates the account file.
  3. Added Catalan, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, French and Italian language   support for Lumina and Lumina Pro controllers.  Requires Controller Firmware 3.7 or higher.
  4. Corrected printing problems for RadioRA 2 and Somfy ILT units.
  5. Corrected printing problems for Carrier/Bryant thermostats.
  6. Added additional error checking to detect corrupt files when reading account or export files.
  7. Added release notes link to the Help menu.

Crystal Cabin Fever

Worthington Distribution is sponsoring a local event called “Crystal Cabin Fever.”  The event features 100 tons of carved and sculpted ice.  There is an ice maze, ice slide, and many ice sculptures.  This year’s theme is “Wild West.”  Visitors find an ice saloon, full-size ice horses, and even a horse-drawn carriage made of ice.  This event — fun for the entire family — runs from February 11 – 28, 20011.  Please check it out at www.crystalcabinfever.com.