HAI integration with NEC

Worthington Distribution is very excited to be showing HAI integration with the NEC DX-40 phone system at the CES show in booth 21565.  What better place to control your HAI than from the display phone sitting on your desk?  Now in addition to the great analog and IP features found in a DSX phone system, you will be able to have full 2-way control of HAI from any display phone at no extra charge!  While the software running in the booth is not released, it is very far along in its development.  Each DSS key can be programmed to access a different section of HAI including lighting, security, audio, temperature, buttons, etc.  In addition, the LED for the DSS can be used to track status!  The integration is amazing.  If you already have a DSX-40 don’t worry, the HAI integration will be included in the next firmware update.

Worthington Distribution is exhibiting at CES

Worthington Distribution is exhibiting at CES in Booth #21565.  We’re proud to feature HAI Connectivity partner, Borg Displays.  In the center of the display is a Protégé 8a that is running HAI’s 1131 OmniTouch Pro software. It features great IP camera performance on the 8” 800×600 display. There will also be two HAI 5.7e touchscreens powered by HAI’s eight port POE switch showing off the latest intercom features.  In addition to upgrading the touchscreens, the cameras have been converted to IP.  The driveway camera is now a Netmedia IP camera which automatically displays on the Borg screen.  The overhead camera is a Panasonic with pan/tilt controls added to the Borg through Automation Studio software.  The distributed audio system has been upgraded to a Russound MCA-C3 with HAI speech across all zones. A Nevo S70 remote control was added to control the Z-wave enabled Leviton Vizia RF lighting and the Russound MCA-C3. An Apple iPad is featured running HAI’s SnapLink Mobile for Apple iPhone mounted in a Vidabox frame, which is another new vendor for Worthington Distribution. On the pods in front of the booth there will be a very exciting new 2gig self-contained wireless touchscreen security panel with Z-Wave automation. Also featured is the GrandCare system. Stop by our booth and learn how to become involved in the fast growing Health and Wellness Business.

Shhh…. There is a surprise for the CES show.  There is a new integration partner for HAI that will be shown in the Worthington Distribution booth.  It has not been announced yet but we will have it working in the booth.  Stay tuned for details, it is VERY cool