The RXTender is an easy-to-use tool designed to aid persons who take medications on a scheduled basis. The Automated Medication Dispenser is designed to alert a person by ringing an alarm at the time the medications need to be taken. The unit has twenty-eight compartments to hold medications and can be programmed to deliver up to four doses a day. By opening the door to access the medication, the arm is silenced.

            If the RXTender with X-10 RF is not opened within 20 minutes (adjustable) of the medication reminder starting, the unit, using X-10 technology, sends a signal to the GrandCare System. The GrandCare System can then call the user and provide an additional reminder or notify a caregiver or loved one that the medication has not been taken.

The JNL RxTender is available through Worthington Distribution 800-282-8864.

HAI Door Station for OmniTouch 5.7e Touchscreens Now Available

HAI has announced the release of a PoE 1-Button VoIP Door Station with Camera. Used for audio intercom communication with and to view streaming video from the location where the unit is installed using an HAI OmniTouch IP based touchscreen.

By pressing the dial button on the IP door station, it will call the configured touchscreen.  It is possible to configure two alternate touchscreen to contact if no one answers the first touchscreen called.  When the button is pressed on the door station, it will call the assigned touchscreen and display streaming video from the door station on the touchscreen display.  If someone accepts the call at the touchscreen, the touchscreen will begin a hands free audio conversation between the person at the door station and the person at the touchscreen.  If no one answers the call at the touchscreen, the door station will call an alternate touchscreen.

Features of the HAI 913711CE:

  • Works on an Ethernet network
  • Power supply over Ethernet – PoE
  • SIP communication protocol
  • Integrated web server for configuration
  • Video streaming
  • Smart design, top material – high-quality stainless steel
  • Flat design – can be mounted without wall cutting
  • Water resistant
  • Perfectly hermetic buttons
  • Electronic part completely separated from the name plates
  • Electric lock switch
  • Quality white backlighting of buttons
  • High-quality acoustic parameters
  • Electronic volume setting (without cover opening)
  • Electronic adjustment of backlight


This product is now available through Worthington Distribution.  Part Number: HAI9137111CE

To view a video demonstration: http://www.homeauto.com/youtube