Full Russound MCA-C5 and RNET Source Control From A Nevo S70 Via Wi-Fi

Earlier this year Nevo released a driver for Russound gear which garnered a great deal of attention.  That is NOTHING compared to what they just released.  Available now for the Nevo S70 is a Wi-fi interface that provides FULL control of RNET sources and the MCA-C5 Zones.  And it does not stop there…. This new driver is built using Nevo Widgets.  This means that dealers have control over the way information is displayed and if you are adventurous you can even make changes to how it works.  We have tested the MCA-C5 with the SMS3 media server, iDock, tuners, satellite receivers and it works great.  This is the first 3rd party product we have played with that takes advantage of the new RIO (Russound Input/Output) protocol.  This protocol is currently only featured in the MCA-C5; however, it will be found in future Russound controllers as well. 

The new Russound interface is a free download for dealers from the mynevo.com website.  Simply log-in to the dealer section, choose KnowledgeBase & FAQ, use the pull down box to choose Nevo Widget Information and then download Russound C-Series interface for NevoS70.  The file requires the latest release of Nevo Studio Pro .

GrandCare Releases A New HomeBase System And Is Mentioned In the NY Times

Wow, July 28 is a big day for GrandCare.  They were featured into not one, but two articles in the New York Times.  You can read them here:

Technologies Help Adult Children Monitor Aging Parents

The Technology for Aging in Place

In addition to this wonderful press, GrandCare has also announced the release of the GrandCare HomeBase system.  This new approach reduces the MSRP and offers an upgrade path for dealers.  Say tuned as Worthington Distribution is getting to announce our GrandCare program shortly!

GrandCare HomeBase:


Press Release

HAI PC Access And Firmware Updates

HAI has updated PC Access to version  The update is available on-line by choosing ‘Check For Updates’ in the Help section of the tollbar (versions 3.0 and higher).

Updates in this version of PC Access include:

– Set update check reminder interval to 30 days after manually checking for an update.

– Changed several of the selectors in automation programming to display User Settings descriptions if available.  Most selectors were modified to display the description in March of 2009, but some were missed.

– Due to popular request; changed the display color of comments in automation programming.

– Fixed word wrap problem when printing times.

In addition to updating PC Access, HAI has also updated firmware revisions to 3.4a.  For modern ‘flashable’ controllers a system can be updated via an Ethernet or serial connection.  For earlier ‘chip’ based systems, updates can be purchased from Worthington Distribution (800-282-8864) for $29.66.  Updated chips are currently on order.

Updates from 3.4 to 3.4a include:

– Improved Ethernet operation.

– Modified to send notifications for expansion enclosure temperature readings.

– Added access control notifications.

– Fixed “record phrase” missing in French speech translation.

Worthington Distribution Web Site Maintainance and Upgrade

Starting tonight (July 23), we will begin a major systems upgrade that will require our Dealer Store website to be down for the weekend. Please feel free to email your orders to sales@worthdist.com and we will process them Monday morning.
Look for our Dealer Store to be back up Monday Morning (July 26) with a new look and feel. Thanks for your patience and as always, thanks for your business!  

New Website Design
When we come back up Monday morning, look for an all-new worthingtondistribution.com. The new design includes latest blog articles, newest online training, a training calendar, and clear notification of current promotions.

ATW-BT600 A Great Solution For Wire Management

How many times have you gone into a control panel and placed a large number of wires under a single terminal?  The ATW BT-600 aids your wire management!  Simply jump 2 conductors from the control panel to the input terminals on the top.  Wire up to 6 connections using the terminal strips.  This is great for cameras, audio, power and many other low voltage applications.  For keypad or thermostat applications, simply use 2 BT-600’s.

Digital Surveillance Training

Today we had a great time in the training room.  Jim Pascale from Speco and Gregory Luz, our factory representative put on a very informative training.  As always, they did a stellar job.  Here are some links you may want to view:

Did you know there is a specification for HD Megapixel CCTV cameras over a single coax?  I know I didn’t!  Speco will be shipping two indoor and two outdoor 1.3 megapixel cameras shortly and DVRs that will arrive in late August.  The picture is breathtaking.   For video switching applications there is an HDMI connector.

Have you seen the  Intensifier technology?  It allows the customer to see in nearly complete darkness (.002) in color.  Best of all, there is not the additional current draw of IR Illumination.   Check out this video showing the difference between Intensifier and IR Illumination and see for yourself.

While the HD cameras and Intensifier technologies were cool, everyone’s jaws were on the floor when they showed us the new license plate reading camera.  Historically the issue has been reading a plate in low light applications.   Technologies like IR illumination light-up the glass particles in the plate and make the plate illegible.  This new camera only shows reflected light.   It is amazing, the image looks black as night even in a well lit room.  Pass a license plate into the image and it is clear as day, highly legible, and sharp as a tack.  Traditionally the STLPRB922 would be used in conjunction with a traditional camera and recorded on 2 channels of a DVR.  This a a perfect solution for gated communities or any other application where a customer would like to record vehicles arriving and leaving.