New Trainings Posted for Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh

Jeff Brinn, Eastern Region Sales Manager has announced 3 new Worthington University Sessions for Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh.   While visiting the Worthington headquarters this week, Jeff asked that we take Worthington Distribution on the road to show our dealers the exciting new opportunities we have to offer.

“This economy has created many interesting opportunities for our dealers as they work to diversify their businesses.  Products like ReadySolar, EZ Max and Grandcare are a great fit.  It allows our dealers to use their existing skills to expand into new markets.” Says Jeff Brinn.

Tom Morgan, VP of Worthington University will be joining Jeff during this training tour.  “I used to live in Raleigh, NC for 10 years so it will be a blast to travel down to the south, see old friends, and show some really exciting new products.”

The trainings will be divided into two sections.  The morning is an update on what is new from HAI, Leviton and Russound.  The afternoon is dedicated to new markets including Leviton EZ Max, ReadySolar and Grandcare.

For more information:

August 10th: Atlanta, GA

August 11th: Charlotte, NC

August 12th: Raleigh, NC

New Products Released From HAI and CarTell

Late Friday afternoon we received the news.  The HAI iPhone / iPad SnapLink application is now available in the Apple iPhone store $49.99).  This is an exciting new application that dealers have been waiting for.

In addition to the SnapLink application, HAI announced last week that the wireless vehicle detector (HAI63A00-1 )  is now shipping.  It is battery operated and is learned in as a sensor to the HAI 45A00-1 wireless receiver.

CarTell announced the release of the CT-A1 sounder, a replacement for FC-9, CT-8 and CT-8A sounders.  This is a three tone sounder that is compatible with the CT-2B and CF-2C processors.

In addition to the CT-A1 they released the AA-1, a simple sounder which is great for use with security systems and othe simple sounder applciations.

More Information On Ready Solar: You Tube Videos

We included ReadySolar in our June Sales Flyer and the response has been incredible.  Dealers have been asking for more information on how to become involved in offering Solar technology for their customers.  Traditionally, I create trainings as we offer new products; however, with Ready Solar there is no need.  They offer a spectacular assortment of training videos on You Tube.  To make it easier to find them.  I have listed some links here:

ReadySolar Overview: Outlines the system parts and benefits

Ready Solar 101 pt 1: Solar in a Box Intro

Ready Solar 101 pt 2: Solar in a Box vs Traditional Solar

Ready Solar 101 pt. 3 Solar in a Box installation Overview

Ready Solar 101 pt. 4: Solar in a Box Economics

Ready Solar 101 pt 5: Solar in a Box Rebate Overview

Ready Solar 101 pt. 6: Solar Sales Tools

Ready Solar: Solar in a Box commercial

Ready Solar: Solar Loan vs. Solar Lease Commercial

The Worthington Distribution Las Vegas Branch Has Moved And Is Open For Business

Worthington Distribution has moved our Las Vegas distribution location to better serve our customers. This larger location is convenient to highways I-215 and I-15, is ready for walk-in orders, contains training and product demonstration areas, and is a shipping location for our customers in the Western US.

The new location:

4775 West Teco Ave.

Suite 110

Las Vegas, NV 89118

The phone number remains the same: 702-222-4282.  Be certain to drop by and say hello to JJ and Nicola.  Let them know you saw them working hard on the Worthington Distribution Blog!

Worthington Distribution Adds GrandCare

In the United States the elderly community will be increasing from 45 million to 77 million as the baby boomers continue to age. Today two thirds of all people that have ever lived to 65 years are currently alive! And one in four people are responsible for caring for an elder. It stops and makes you think how we are going to provide care and support for our elderly family members. Technology will provide a major role, and the leader in home support systems is GrandCare. This unique system uses aspects of home automation, remote monitoring, wellness management, online social networking and human interaction to allow the aging population to stay in their own homes longer. All play a vital role in proper care and provide a level of independence desired by many individuals in their golden years. GrandCare is available to certified dealers.

We are now signing up and training new dealers.  The next training is August 23, 2010 in Tafton, PA.   To learn more about GrandCare systems we have posted a 30 minute overview available here.

Worthington Distribution Adds ReadySolar

Worthington Distribution is happy to announce that we are now carrying ReadySolar, the leading manufacturer of easy to design and install solar panels. Typical solar panels send DC current off the roof and into an inverter near the breaker panel. The inverter converts DC power to AC and then provides power to the breaker panel.  This requires the installer to properly size the inverter and cabling.  ReadySolar simplifies installation by building a micro
inverter into the panel. All the cabling is available in pre-made assemblies. This system allows an installer to quickly install a solar power system without hours of system design. In addition, there are no long runs of DC current so Ready Solar is more efficient. If you are looking to expand your business into the quickly growing solar panel market, take a look at Ready Solar. You will spend more time installing systems and less time designing and quoting systems. Give us a call for more information.

Remote Programming a Nevo S70 Via the Internet

A great feature in the Nevo S70 in the ability to change a customer’s configuration at your office, upload it to the internet and then have the customer receive the update at their house.  No truck rolls needed!  Here is how:

1. The file must be created on the computer and saved.  The MAC address of the remote gets saved into the file which is critical.

2. Open the file and make the changes.  When done, save the file and browse to File / Upload To MyNevo.

3. The S70 must be configured to run on the customer’s Wi-Fi.

4. Have the customer open the battery flap on the back of the remote causing the remote to turn off.  Have them hold the OK button in and close the battery flap.

5. Continue to hold OK until the remote says, “Locating Wi-Fi”

6. Let go of the OK button and the configuration will download once the Wi-Fi connection is established.

Multiple UPB Repeaters In A Split Single Phase Installations

Recently we were working with a dealer that was in a 15,000 sq/ft home with 800 Amp split single phase power.   The house worked flawlessly until 3 home theaters were installed that contained power conditioning equipment.  The power conditioning caused attenuation of the signal.  In a typical home this would not be an issue; however, the combination of 3 power conditioners and the size of the home lead to some intermittent behavior.   While helping the dealer we learned some tips:

– The HAI 39A00-2 repeater is for use with GenII UPB products.  All HAI products shipping today are Gen II.

– Unlike X-10 which discouraged mixing signal couplers and repeaters, it is fine with UPB.

– Multiple repeaters are fine with UPB.  The only thing to note is that the UPB transmission count (Unit/Dealer Settings) should be adjusted when two or more repeaters are used.  With 2 repeaters, set the count to 3, with 3 repeaters set the count to 4, and so on.  Be certain to re-learn all UPB devices in the network after the count is adjusted.