Worthington Distribution Aids In The Fight Against Cancer Through Relay For Life

Worthington Distribution is an active supporter of the American Cancer Society and their fight against Cancer.   Many employee’s lives have been touched by this awful disease and as a company we do what we can to help.  This year a new fundraiser was added called Footsteps For Jean.  This is in memory of Jean Campanella, our dear friend and Worthington employee that lost her fight with cancer last year.   At last years Relay Jean was heard saying,  “I wish that I could walk just one lap.”  That gave our Accounting Department Manager a great idea and she set out to sell 880 footsteps (1 lap).  Not only did she meet her goal, she doubled it!  If you look in the lower right corner you can see Jean’s footsteps.  The Relay For Life is a special day.  You could see many Worthington Distribution employees working a concession stand, organizing an event, walking laps, or as in the case of our Warehouse Manager walking laps for 24 hours straight.  Go Tommy!!

2010 Worthington Catalog Is Available On-Line

The Worthington Distribution catalog is now available in both print and on-line form.  Known to Home Automation dealers as the ‘Industry Guidebook,’ the 250 page catalog includes over 110 vendors and an assortment of recommended applications, drawings, reference charts and product packages.  Now, in addition to print copies, the catalog is available as a searchable on-line reference.   In addition to the on-line version being easy to use it is also updated on a regular basis to offer our customers the latest information with a simple click of the mouse. (www.worthingtondistribution.com/catalog)

FotrezZ Releases A Z-Wave Sounder/Strobe

FortrezZ has rounded out their excellent Z-Wave  water sensing and control solution with the release of their FRTSSA-02  sounder and strobe.  When combined with a FRTWWA-001  water/freeze detector and FRTWV-01-3/4 water valve a dealer can offer a complete wireless  water detection, alarm and notification system.  best of all, because each component is Z-Wave, it can be included in a Z-Wave network offering sensing information and control to an automation controller such as HAI or Elk.  Each component can be used independently or combined them as a stand alone system.  The flexibility will meet nearly any application.    Worthington Distribution is a full line distributor for FortrezZ.  Give us a call at 800-282-8864.

Sherwood Newcastle Recevies an Outstanding Review

I was going through my e-mails this morning and came across this outstanding review of the Sherwood Newcastle R-972.  If you have not read about this fantastic receiver, you should take a look.  Audio correction has been commonplace in receivers for a long time now.  This receiver not only can correct the audio tone and balance it is the first to use the Trinnov Optimizer to correct for incorrect speaker placement.  Check Out this article by Mark Fleischmann with Home Theater magazine that explains it all.  Worthington Distribution is proud to carry the R-92.  Be certain to give us a call for pricing (800-282-8864).  There is no better value in the A/V market than the Sherwood Newcastle R-972.

HAI's Music Gateway Is Set To Ship In Early June

The long awaited Music Gateway from HAI is set to ship in early June.  Worthington Distribution is accepting pre-orders (HAI84A00-1).  Be certain to place your order and receive a unit from the first production run.  Based on current orders, the first run is likely to be a sellout.

The Music Gateway is a storage device for 500GB of audio but it does not stop there.  Additional songs can be added via shared folders on the network.  Integration with the 5.7e and 10P Ethernet enabled touchscreens is seamless and allows the user to control all 3 audio streams.  The unique interface is available for use with HAI Hi-Fi distributed audio or any of the 3rd party distributed audio partners such as Russound.

The ‘Gateway’ features of the Music Gateway are provided by HAI’s WL3 software which is included on every Music Gateway.  This enables the homeowner to control the HAI system from any web browser, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows mobile phone.  The unique mounting options include the ability to mount the Music Gateway in a structured wiring cabinet.  The Music Gateway is expected to be a very popular add on for HAI systems.

Russound Sphere Keypads Are Now Color

We just received word from Russound that the KLK-E6 color keypads for the ACA-E5 are NOW SHIPPING! These updates to the KLK-E5 are gorgeous.  The display is full color and has and excellent off axis viewing angle.  In addition, the bezel is now metal and is available in either white (standard) or silver.  Best of all, the new KLK-E6 keypads are the same cost as the KLK-E5.

Worthington Distribution is a proud Sphere Distributor.  This exclusive Russound brand is available to registered Sphere Dealers.  Products feature the latest technological innovation from Russound in addition to a protected pricing policy.  The cornerstone of the Sphere program is the ACA-E5 12 source, 8 zone controller.  It is the top-of-the-line controller from Russound and it is compatible with HAI’s OmniPro II.  If you would like to become a Sphere Dealer, please give us a call 800-282-8864.

Kwikset Z-Wave Controlled Lock: Now Taking Pre-Orders

Effective immediately Worthington Distribution is taking pre-orders for the Kwikset Z-Wave controlled, motorized deadbolt.  This exciting new addition to the Z-Wave product offering has passed Z-Wave approval and is in production.  Worthington Distribution is expecting to start filling orders towards the middle of June.  Currently both HomeSeer and Micasaverde provide support for Z-Wave controlled locks with support from additional vendors coming soon.

The Kwikset deadbolt is motorized allowing the user to remotely lock and unlock a door.  Codes can be 4 or 6 digits providing a customer a high level of security.  In addition, the lock features Kwikset’s SmartKey technology which allows the lock to be re-keyed in seconds without removing the lock.

The battery powered, Z-Wave controlled deadbolt is available in 3 colors, polished brass (004), venetian bronze (005) and satin nickle (006).  Call now to be one of the first to install this exciting new product (800-282-8864).

New Vendor: VES Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Worthington is happy to announce our partnership with VES Fire Detection Systems. VES manufactures a complete line of commercial fire protection systems and devices that meet all necessary approvals for commercial use. Their Elite RS panel is cost effective for applications as small as a few devices up to 252 points per panel. When panels are networked, the system can scale up to over 32,000 points. Smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, horn/strobes, input, and output modules for sprinkler and elevator integration are all available. Give us a call for more details, and ask us to quote your next fire protection job with VES.

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RSS feeds are an outstanding way to keep track of the daily postings on the Worthington Distribution Blog.  There are many popular RSS readers, many of which are built into e-mail software.  At Worthington we use Outlook.   The RSS feed show up just like e-mails.  You can quickly see the name of each posting.  If you want to read it, you just double click on the title just like you would with an e-mail.

Setup with Outlook is simple.   When you click on the “WordPress Entries (RSS)” at the bottom of the page, a dialog box will appear asking if you would like to add the RSS feed.  If you answer yes, The Worthington Distribution Blog will sync and begin to appear in you email.