Touch Screen Interface On HAI WL3

I received a call form Scott McCoy with Priority Cabling in York, PA. He has a customer that needed a large screen touch screen solution to cover the hole made by an old Unity Touch Screen. We brainstormed different interfaces and then he showed me that the Windows Media Center interface is included in WL3!

Here is how:

At the log-in screen use the drop down option and choose ‘Touch Screen Interface:

From the main screen you can get a summary, control lights, security, temperature and user buttons.  This is a great solution for a touchscreens.

Note:  There is not camera support in this interface at this time.  It does exist in the standard WL3 interface.

Worthington Training: Leviton ViziaRF+ and HAI

Today we had an excellent class in Mid-Town Manhattan.  Tom West from Leviton taught the Vizia RF+ lighting system which is based on Z-Wave technology.  The class highlighted the new 2-button and 4-button combination controllers as well as the 2-way communication featured in Vizia RF+.

Tom Morgan of Worthington Distribution showed the benefits of Z-Wave technology.  Products included Z-Wave controlled window treatments, car visor control, hand held remotes, with touch screen control and HAI integration.  The Z-Wave network was setup with both a Leviton hand held remote and  Think Essentials software.

Patrick Gilligan teaches HAI Automation StudioPatrick Gilligan presented a number of exciting new products from HAI including the Music Gateway (shipping in May), and the new IP indoor/outdoor camera (shipping now).

Class was held in Mid-Town Manhattan across from Madison Square Garden.