Field Report – Luxul Wireless Controller

We do a ton of product testing in our lab and in our office and we use what we learn to try to help dealers chose the right product or system for their application.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to get some real-world experience with the the Luxul XWC-1000 controller and two XAP-1510 access points at a relative’s house.  This house had an older directional Luxul access point that covered it well, but it could have been better.

The XAP-1510 is Luxul’s top of the line AP model.  It runs at up to 1900 Mbps, runs at 2.4 and 5 GHz, and covers up to 10,000 sq ft in a perfect world.  So in that perfect world one of those placed centrally to the house should have covered the whole thing, but I wasn’t going to count on that.  Why?  Because this is the real world!  This house has radiant in-floor heat throughout and part of that system uses sheet aluminum plates to carry the heat out from the tubing.  We’ve known that to be a wireless killer in the past, plus we wanted the Wi-Fi signal to carry outside a ways too.

The house has a full basement, main floor, second floor, and a pretty accessible attic.  The basement is unfinished and we had some spare Cat 6 in the attic.  So rather than mounting the APs where they would be visible, I stuck one almost all the way to west end of the house in the attic, and a second almost all the way to the east end in the basement.  All Luxul indoor APs are omni-directional, so they provide a sphere of coverage.

Setup was easy.  If you can stick to an all-Luxul network this is almost plug and play. Power up the controller first and get into in a web browser.  It starts with a wizard that updates its firmware and asks you to input the network name, passphrase, and optionally create a secure guest network.  It then finds the APs and configures them.  If you have a router in place that uses a network scheme other than 192.168.0.X, you just have to get into the controller and make it match your address scheme and it will still find the APs.

The end result was 3 to 4 bars out of 4 of signal everywhere inside and on the patio outside.  This was an easy install and a pretty modest one.  The XWC-1000 controller can support up 16 APs and they can be a mix of indoor and outdoor models.

Don’t forget the controller function on the wireless routers!  Both models of Luxul wireless routers include the controller functionality allowing you to add two more APs to extend coverage.

Give us a call for help laying out your next network.

Spotlight on Aeotec

Aeotec is a leading manufacturer of Z-Wave devices.  They have been able to strike that ever-delicate balance between price and quality.  Aeotec Z-Wave devices typically price out among the lowest when compared to competing devices, and they have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.  Aeotec devices are well-known with hub and gateway makers, so they are very widely supported.  You’re probably already familiar with the standard devices that Aeotec makes like door/window sensors, motion sensors, water, sensors, and repeaters.  Today we would like to take a moment to explain some other great devices that Aeotec make that you may not already be familiar with.

First up is the micro module.  It comes in switch and dimmer varieties and has multiple applications.  One is to use it in place of an in-wall dimmer or switch.  The micro module goes in the wallbox and connects to the line, neutral, and load wires.  It also has input terminals that connect to a standard on/off switch.  Use these to provide local control in a familiar form factor.

Another great application is as a fixture module.  Maybe you come across a bank of lights that yo need to break down so that it can be controlled in multiple groups.  The micro module can be installed right in the fixture and controlled like any other Z-Wave dimmer or switch.  Perhaps you want to mount a scene controller in a room but the only wall box available has a switch in it.  You could remove the switch and send hot power to the fixture.  Place a micro controller in the first fixture in the series for control, and mount your scene controller in the box.

The next is the touch panel.  It’s a companion to the micro module and fits in a 1-gang box. Wire it to the input of a micro module for local control in a sleek design.








Finally, let’s take a look at the sleek new door/window sensor with rechargeable battery.  Our industry has no shortage of this type of sensor.  This one is different.  It’s only 9mm thick, it’s paintable to make it disappear,  and it has a rechargeable long-life battery.  It costs a little more, but it offers a little more.

Worthington Distribution Donates to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Worthington Distribution co-workers Carolynn Kushnir (Accounting) and Jeanette Navarro (Purchasing) are pictured at left  with a portion of the donation that was shipped to Hoboken Clergy Coalition Shelter in Hoboken, NJ last week.  While several Worthington Distribution team members were without power for nearly a week due to Hurricane Sandy’s landfall in the northeast,

Jeanette and Carolynn were drawn to the stories of those who lost nearly everything in New York and New Jersey.


“As a mom, I couldn’t sit back and see families or children in need, without the basic necessities or a way to keep warm, and do nothing. Feeling the mild inconveniences we had here, like a few days without power or hot water was simply that – an inconvenience, but it made me realize others have it so much worse and something had to be done,” said Carolynn Kushnir of her desire to start the relief effort.


Jeanette Navarro’s desire to help also stemmed from her love as a mother, “My intentions are to help people provide for themselves, their families and loved ones with the basic necessities, in a time of desperate need.  What if that was my daughter and me struggling for warmth and a meal?”  Carolynn and Jeanette accepted financial donations from both Worthington Distribution and Jay McClellan on behalf of HAI by Leviton, who has seen first-hand the destruction that can be caused by a hurricane, and they set out to purchase the necessity items that those affected by flooding in the Hoboken area so desperately need.  They also sorted and packaged good will donations that came in from co-workers, family and friends.


In all, the duo coordinated the delivery of a half ton of warm clothes, blankets, paper products, and toiletries to the Clergy Coalition Shelter, which has been serving its community for over 30 years.  The owner of a local trucking company, Mercury Freight, volunteered to personally deliver the items to Hoboken.

HAI Announces Support for Z-Wave and Zigbee Locks

One of the most requested HAI features of 2011 was support for motorized locks.  That feature is now here, and it gives you a great up-sell opportunity!  When Z-Wave locks are added to an HAI OmniPro II, IIe, Lumina Pro or Lumina controller, the user can lock or unlock the door as well as see status from SnapLink, touchscreens or PCAccess. In programming, dealers can use current lock status or pinpad activations as events and conditionals and send lock or unlock commands.

Worthington is stocking Z-Wave locks from KwikSet, Yale, and Schlage.  There are both deadbolts and entry sets available now.  Our tech team has put the lock support through its paces and is fully up to speed on it.  To get a head start and see what you need to make this happen, check out our HAI Lock Support document.

Come See us at Booth 21464 at CES 2012!

Visit our booth to see the latest we have to offer.  We have totally rebuilt our booth and added many new products and systems.  This year we are excited to show new features of Z-Wave locks from Kwikset, Yale, and Schlage.  We also have a new OnQ Unity system in our booth as well as a new iPad wall mounting solution.

Since early December, the Worthington tech team has been hard at work refreshing our display.  New additions include OnQ Unity, Lutron RadoRA 2, HAI Hi-Fi2, Russound DMS-3.1, and much more.  This is just a small example of the hands-on experience our team uses to help you every day.

Russound DMS-3.1 Streamer

The new media streamer is up and running at our booth. It has been very easy to set up and use. The interface on the new TS3 touch screen is great!
We also just learned that the DMS-3.1 has 3 streams of Apple AirPlay built in. That means you can play music from an iOS device wirelessly!