Saturday, 29 of April of 2017

Worthington Distribution Visits Somfy!

This week, Worthington’s own John Zitzelman had the opportunity to visit one of our shade manufacturers to see their building and get to see how Somfy’s shades come together! Somfy’s offerings include shades, blinds, draperies, awnings and many more! For questions on shading solutions, please call us at 800-282-8864 or email

Worthington Distribution 2017 Dealer Catalog

The 2017 Worthington Distribution Dealer catalog has been sent to the printers! Keep an eye out for our new catalog featuring a few new product lines!

Here are a few:

Dome by Elexa
Dome is the premiere home automation brand from Elexa Consumer Products inc. offering high quality Z-Wave devices at affordable prices. Attention to detail, top-rated components and top-notch engineering make Dome products the smart choice for integrators and end users alike.

There are a lot of smart home brands out there. Nest, GE, Philips, Honeywell and more. But they couldn’t always connect or communicate with each other. Until Wink. Now you have more choice in what smart devices are right for your home. And more ways they can work together so they’re even smarter.

Like Wink, the SmartThings hub is a Z-wave centric controller that will help bring all of your separate home automation systems together with a beautiful and user friendly application and super easy setup!

Domotz is one of the network management systems most trusted by over 1000 Integration Companies and IT professionals in 90 countries around the world. It solves issues with all relevant information readily available at your fingertips — and without needing to physically visit the site.

Router Limits
When you connect to the internet, it opens the door to a universe of content, all brought right into your home at the speed of light. That includes the good and the bad — and even too much of a good thing can be, well, too much — to say nothing of the bad.
Like you, each member of our team has a family they love — children and grandchildren who can access all that content, every day. And you know how it is — it’s always a struggle to limit screen time in our own homes. Experiencing distraction-free homework time, getting to bed on time, speaking to actual humans at the dinner table…we hope to keep those traditions alive!

For 25 years URC has been setting the higher standard for control technology with continuous research and development. Headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., the company has been the leading supplier of high quality remotes and is broadly regarded as the leading control manufacturer by consumers, subscription broadcast providers, retailers, custom installation professionals and OEM partners.

For any other questions on our existing or new manufacturers please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email!


Our very own Richie Scholl and Steve Hoh are attending our most local show which is the annual New Jersey Electronic Security Association Expo! The NJESA represents over 300 security and fire alarm companies, manufacturers, and distributors. If you are in the Atlantic City area and stop by the show at Harrah’s, stop by the Worthington Distribution booth and say hello!! If you have any questions, please call us at 800-282-8864 or email!

New arrivals for the New year!

Worthington Distribution puts a lot of effort into making sure we have a solution for every kind of install that our dealers may encounter. With the new year, there comes new arrivals that we at Worthington are proud to announce will make it into our annual dealer catalog. Below is a list of new manufacturers that we are glad to bring on and look forward to working with these manufacturers and our dealers alike.

New manufacturers to Worthington Distribution in 2017:

DOME by Elexa – Dome is the premiere home automation brand from Elexa Consumer Products inc. offering high quality Z-Wave devices at affordable prices.

Onkyo – Onkyo Corporation is a luxury consumer electronics manufacturer, specializing in premium home cinema and audio equipment, including receivers, surround sound speakers and other portable devices.

SmartThings – SmartThings is building an open platform for smart homes and the consumer Internet of Things. With this controller you can bring your Z-wave, Zigbee and other 3rd party devices into just one interface!

URC – URC, or Universal Remote Control, has for 25 years, been setting the higher standard for control technology including AV and home automation devices.

Wink – The Wink hub controls and monitors the lights, power, security of your home. Now they’re all connected through a single app, so you don’t need a different one for every product.

Router Limits – Router Limits is a network based manufacturer centralized around filtering and scheduling your network access for your children.

Domotz – Domotz is a company that supplies the ability to remotely provide tech support to provide proactive client care saving time and energy when it comes to your workforce.

For questions on new or older products, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email

Happy Holidays From Worthington

The Worthington elves hard at work!  From The Worthington Family to yours;  enjoy a safe and healthy Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.



Spotlight on Aeotec

Aeotec is a leading manufacturer of Z-Wave devices.  They have been able to strike that ever-delicate balance between price and quality.  Aeotec Z-Wave devices typically price out among the lowest when compared to competing devices, and they have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry.  Aeotec devices are well-known with hub and gateway makers, so they are very widely supported.  You’re probably already familiar with the standard devices that Aeotec makes like door/window sensors, motion sensors, water, sensors, and repeaters.  Today we would like to take a moment to explain some other great devices that Aeotec make that you may not already be familiar with.

First up is the micro module.  It comes in switch and dimmer varieties and has multiple applications.  One is to use it in place of an in-wall dimmer or switch.  The micro module goes in the wallbox and connects to the line, neutral, and load wires.  It also has input terminals that connect to a standard on/off switch.  Use these to provide local control in a familiar form factor.

Another great application is as a fixture module.  Maybe you come across a bank of lights that yo need to break down so that it can be controlled in multiple groups.  The micro module can be installed right in the fixture and controlled like any other Z-Wave dimmer or switch.  Perhaps you want to mount a scene controller in a room but the only wall box available has a switch in it.  You could remove the switch and send hot power to the fixture.  Place a micro controller in the first fixture in the series for control, and mount your scene controller in the box.

The next is the touch panel.  It’s a companion to the micro module and fits in a 1-gang box. Wire it to the input of a micro module for local control in a sleek design.








Finally, let’s take a look at the sleek new door/window sensor with rechargeable battery.  Our industry has no shortage of this type of sensor.  This one is different.  It’s only 9mm thick, it’s paintable to make it disappear,  and it has a rechargeable long-life battery.  It costs a little more, but it offers a little more.

Welcome the Holidays with Automated Christmas Lights!

The holiday season is upon us and most of us have already put up our Christmas decorations. What makes those pesky lights just a bit more enjoyable is being able to set them on a timer or even control them with your smart phone! With Bluetooth Plug-in modules or a Z-Wave home gateway, you can automate those beautiful Christmas light displays for the whole world to see! For any questions on our Bluetooth or Z-Wave products, please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email

Happy Holidays from Worthington Distribution!

Tradeshow Update!

This week, our very own Richard Scholl is attending the ISC East tradeshow in New York City. If you are attending the show, don’t forget to stop and say hello at the Dakota Alert Booth #390. For any questions, please call 800-282-8864 or email

URC Homeset Webinar November 15!

As some of you may already know, we host all sorts of training’s and webinars. This week is no exception. We will have URC in the house to host a URC Homeset webinar. The URC Homeset line is the newest line by URC and it introduces smart home control as well a the home audio video via IR. This system bridges the gap between your remote control and your smart lighting among other things.

If you would like to sign up for this free webinar, please join below!

Training Website

If you have any questions please give us a call at 800-282-8864 or email

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